The Wedding Palette – Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!

Well there’s nothing better for a bright end of the week than some color palette inspiration for a particularly bright color…(yellow)! Happy Friday! So what do you think about yellow on the wedding front? I kind of think the color yellow is a little bit controversial when it comes to the wedding palette. It certainly isn’t the typical pick, but it sure is fun! And I personally think I’ve sold myself on it with these fabulous photos and lots of yellow color palette inspiration

So while yellow may not be so perfect for any season (I would suggest avoiding winter), for the rest of the year, depending on your choices, it could pass. But I think it’s perfect for summer! A bright palette for a summer wedding! Because yellow is so loud, I like the idea of using it in more unique ways than your traditional wedding colors. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, you can use it for the normal things like the bouquets, heels, cake and bridesmaids dresses (below) but why not use it for other decor and accessories like the invitations before the wedding, the programs on the big day, a lovely background for a few wedding pictures, a ceremony in a little yellow church, or for your signature drink (also below). As usual this is all about picking the right way to incorporate your color palette whether it’s a loud or soft color… and with the right yellow choices, this one can definitely work too!


Credits: Style Me PrettyRuffled BlogStyle Me Pretty, Pinterest, BridesPinterest, Printerette PressCachic Design, Style Me Pretty, Beyond Beyond via Jamie Clayton

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  1. My sweet daughter-in-law chose yellow as her wedding color and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I’d love it. But boy, did I underestimate the power of this color on a bright summer day.
    Outside, under a big oak tree, and bouquets of sunflowers everywhere. It was gorgeous!