Bridal Shower Etiquette: The Work Shower

You would think a normal bridal shower would cut it in terms of the wedding prep, but not if you work somewhere with other former brides or brides-to-be because we all know that the wedding prep isn’t complete without throwing a proper work bridal shower. And because who really knows the work bridal shower etiquette… here is my three step guide to the perfect shower

1. Unless you work at a no-men-allowed office, then chances are, your work bridal shower is not the same audience as your traditional bridal shower (that is… it’s not all of us girls). So that means, my first guideline is to know your guests… restrain yourself from decorating the entire office with pink streamers, balloons, and flowers. Remember, men count too at the work shower!

2. Gifts, gifts, gifts… what to get? First, it’s okay to ask for donations from your team and those who you think would want to be a part of the shower. It’s rude to ask for a specific amount.. don’t do it. Unless you are the brides best friend (which most likely isn’t the case – you are co-workers) don’t get too creative with your gift choice. This is what a registry is for. But don’t collect $200 and spend it all on one registry gift. Buy a gift in your budget for delivery straight to the bride (really, she doesn’t want to lug it home from work). With your remaining budget, buy a few pretty (but subtle) decorations like the beautiful flowers, “confetti”, and an oversized bow (photos below) for a surprise desk “facelift”! As for the rest of your funds, no shower is complete without some tasty treats and favors. I love cupcakes because seriously, cake is so overused (see photos below), and for “favors”, check out the incredible white chocolate covered marshmallows (last photo).

3. The colors – I mentioned not to go pink crazy, so what should you do, pick a little of every color in the rainbow? No thanks.. Let’s assume since you’re planning the shower that you know a little about the bride’s wedding planning, specifically her color palette. The photos below are meant to coordinate with a beautiful lavender and pewter palette (so these are a spin on those colors to make it blend but not suppress)! Use variations of the brides colors in your gifts, decorations, and food to “make sense” of the shower. I promise, it will work.

So that’s it.. the shortened guide to a perfect work bridal shower… Happy planning!


Credits: My own photo, Flickr, My own photo, Intimate Weddings, Wrap it Pretty, Etsy

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