Tying the Knot

Before there was “until death do us part” at wedding ceremonies, there was “tying the knot”…

“Tying the knot”, “to tie the knot”, even just “the knot” (think wedding planning website) have become wildly overused phrases in the wedding world but I’m guessing you, like me, never stopped to think where it all came from.

It was said that in ancient Celtic and Pagan wedding rituals, the hands of the bride and groom were tied together. The custom became known as handfasting. And as you may have guessed, the term handfasting served as the origin for our expression “tying the knot” today.

So where am I going with this? Well aside from teaching you something you may not have known a minute ago, there are a number of fun and unique ways for old traditions to be incorporated into modern day weddings. I’m not talking about literally tying the bride and grooms hand together at the alter, but how about incorporating a little piece of a past tradition into your modern day wedding? There are some amazing ways to do just that (see below)… from a “knot” boutonniere, to a creative way of filling an empty reception room (check out the cool rope rug), or just use some rope to “accessorize” (adding to your table setting, your centerpiece or for your bridesmaids dresses?) Well maybe not the bridesmaids dresses but you get my point. Think a little out of the box, blend a bit of old and new, and you have no idea what you may come up with…


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