Trend Alert: The Wedding Cowboy Boot

As we make our way toward the holiday season, I have to get all of my non-holiday wedding musings out before we start our very first countdown to Christmas (wedding style)! So that means today, no season related wedding thoughts here… straight country style! In fact trending country style! Now I use “trend alert” lightly here because I realize that glorious wedding cowboy boots are not even close to a new trend and nowhere near going out of style… but in my world that means it’s still trending!

So today we’re going there.. examining wedding cowboy boots and how awesome they are! And this is coming from someone who normally lacks major country style! So why the cowboy boot as a part of your big day? Well for one I bet they’re more comfy than your 4 inch heel alternative. For two, they make really fun pictures, and for three, well they’re different right? You don’t have to be country to love this style because after all they are hidden… so here’s your chance to get crazy. Maybe even pick a loud color, vintage pattern or crazy design?


Credits: Inspiring Pretty, PinterestSouthbound BrideSpool 72, Fashion Love Music, Snippet and Ink, Inspired By This, Project Wedding, Jonathan Ivy Photo, PinterestKelly Hornberger

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  1. I reallllly want a pair of monogram cowboy boots! I must know where to get them done at or where I can even get a pair because I have been searching for a long time! I need help! hah