Trend Alert: The Wedding Macaroon

Yumm we’ve got a delicious trend alert today with my favorite of all wedding desserts…the French macaroon!! You may already know (because I sneak the macaroon into almost every post) but I think these tasty treats are simply wedding dessert bliss! So today it’s very attempt to convince you to incorporate the macaroon at your wedding! There are many ways to do this but my favorite is by passing a plate of different colored and flavored macaroons around…one plate per table with one macaroon per person… Take one and pass it on! There are plenty of other ways to use the macaroon (favor, dessert table) but really any way that you decide will work here! So all that’s left to do is enjoy!


Credits: Slate, Chocolatess, Delighted, PinterestCake Over the World, Etsy, Mimosa, Pinterest via Bleu Bird Vintage, A Social Living, Tsunami Publicity, Little Oven, 500 PX

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