Trend Alert: The Wedding Cupcake

Anyone else sick of cake recently? I personally am beyond sick of cake… layer cake, ice cream, any cake; the cake days are over in my daily life so as you can imagine I’m about ready to move on to a different sweet on the wedding front as well – which is obviously where the cupcake comes in! I know, I know, cupcakes really aren’t the newest trend… my best friend had them at her wedding two years ago and Magnolia’s made them popular during the Sex and the City days which, not to age us all, but that started in 1998 (yep that’s right, 14 years ago)… anyway, I’ve gone off topic! So all of this doesn’t mean that the cupcake isn’t still riding the trending wave…because I promise you it is! With wedding cake costs through the roof, cupcakes and other sweet desserts provide an alternative to the drab cake fad; although still as expensive, at least a little something different for your guests!

So try not to let these make you crave a little dessert yourself, but enjoy the colors, prettiness, and delightfully different wedding cupcakes today!


Credits: Recipe Girl, Recipe Girl, PinterestSlash FoodAtelier de Tartas, Flickr, Pinterest

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  1. Just wondering about the wedding cupcakes with “I do” toppers on them, where they are originally from? Would love to email the maker to find out where they got the lace from?

    1. Hey Meg! These cupcakes are from a UK wedding bakery called Cupcakes and Crumbs! Here is the link to the picture on their website – (go to image 4). Also you can just get the little “I Do” cupcake sticks from Etsy –

      Good Luck!