To the Plantation

We’re heading south today for some lovely ideas for your plantation wedding. If you’re from the south then you probably know how perfect an old plantation makes for a wedding venue, but if you’re not, then we’re showing you just how romantic of a reception a plantation can make.

There are so many beautiful venues to choose from when you venture south of the Mason-Dixon line but today, I’ve found a few of my own favorites! These are all real wedding venues that brides like me and you get married at everyday… and so our plantation crushes are the Nottoway Plantation (third photo), Oak Alley Plantation (eighth photo), and the Carnton Plantation (fifth and seventh photos) plus a few others mixed in between! Enjoy…


Credits: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Pinterest, Elizabeth Ray PhotographyPremier Wed, A Bryan Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Nottoway Plantation

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