The Wonderful Winter Bouquet

A winter wedding is incomplete without a fabulous bouquet to remind your guests of the season and the many beauties of winter. Oh I know, there are just so many choices on the winter floral front…no, really I actually think there are..though most people don’t. First up… the iconic pine cone (third and fifth photos). If I’m being honest, I’ll admit.. not my personal favorite, but it’s fun for the winter especially if you’re going with a rustic theme. As for what I do like (love)… Deep red roses or any other pretty rich red flower are a must but mixing them with light pinks (first and sixth photos) or bringing in pale pink tones paired with light frosty blue-greys (forth photo) is perfect for a winter floral combo that stays true to the season and makes a beautiful statement for your winter celebration.


Credits: Rock N Roll Bride, Inspired By This, Kate Osborne Photography, Style Me Pretty, Rustic Wedding Chic, Brides

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