The Perfect Wedding Favor? Wine…

Well since the weekend is quickly approaching I figured it was okay to at least start talking wine (if not already breaking out the happy hour!) I haven’t done much on favors yet I LOVE them and think they are SO important to creating a fabulous wedding. Seriously, favors make a difference and the beauty of it is that they can be as creative but also budget or DIY-friendly as you wish! Now obviously I’m not expecting you to be out harvesting the grapes but there are plenty of fun ways to personalize wine bottles and “make them your own”. Also, for the budget-savvy brides, if you are looking for a smaller budget favor, mini-wine bottles are honestly precious!

But today, for inspiration purposes, I’m sticking with the full size wine favor. Now I think it’s appropriate to just offer a bottle per party if you’re going with this approach. It’s a little unnecessary to have literally a full bottle of wine for every single guest; people know this is a quality favor!! I also prefer this idea for a more intimate wedding. If you’re having 250+ guests and your mom’s, cousins wife’s daughter will be there who you met once 20 years ago… spare the wine for your own after party! Wine favors are classy and personal which is why they’re meant for small weddings! Now my favorite part of the wine wedding favor is the customization! Of course if you have a favorite wine this is perfect to show a bit about you and your fiancé as a couple but if not, pick a nice wine and put a bit of yourself into the outer design… meaning what? Call it corny but I think labels with your initials or your names or really whatever you both want are adorable and perfect to make an impression. Labels can be made so cheaply or if you are a DIY bride then you can make them yourself! There are of course other ways to dress up the wine wedding favor so I’ll leave the real creativity to you but I’m hoping this is at least a good starting point for the perfect bottle of wine (for the guests) on your wedding day…


Credits: Pinterest, Kindly RSVP Designs Blog, Elizabeth Anne Designs via Pinterest, Project WeddingPinterest Ruffled Blog, Brittany Barham, Pinterest

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