The Wedding Palette – Beige Beige Beige Weddings

The beauty of beige? For one, it doesn’t discriminate against the seasons. Beige (or nude) can work beautifully in the winter, summer, spring or fall. Think a pale winter palette for January or February, cute and short beige bridesmaids dresses for a summer celebration, and a spin on the traditional Thanksgiving browns for a beige fall wedding. See.. it can work whatever your month. The thing with beige is that it can get a little boring so adding some accent colors here and there depending on the time of year can go a long way.

But on the palette front, there is tons to do with beige. First item? Bridesmaids… beige (ie champagne in the world of dresses) is both somewhat unusual and very pretty. Two options (first and second photos) – since the color is so neutral you can easily go long and I love the mix and match look! You may want to jazz up your shoe picks with this color, but if you just can’t get enough of beige, the nude shoe is classic and elegant and you can’t go wrong with Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins (third and forth photos). Also on the fashion front, for a modern take on your wedding gown, a beige pick? Monique Lhuillier has plenty… I personally love “Candy” (sixth and seventh photos). And one more fashion tip… beige needs a little life in it, so try something unique like these fun cuffs (eighth photo)! For the paper, invitations in a beige scheme is simple and sticks with your palette (final photo) and for foods, embellish, embellish, embellish with gorgeous goodies (cake, cupcakes… you get the picture) to add depth to your lovely (neutral) palette


Credits: Style Me PrettyStyle Me Pretty, Pinterest via Santa Barbara ChicStyle Me Pretty, Lovella BrideOnce Wed, Once WedLockerZ, Lovella Bridal, Etsy

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