The June Bride

The summer may not be here quite yet but my mind is already there on the wedding front, and since it’s the first day of June, we wanted to take the time to dream up the perfect June wedding celebration! But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets start at the beginning… how did June become so popular for weddings? Well, it’s not just the weather or the summer vacation mentality; as with most wedding traditions, June weddings go back much further than we would ever think while planning our own big day.. to the Roman times of course! In Roman mythology, Juno was the god ruling over marriage, childbirth and hearth and quite fittingly it is believed that this was one of the reasons for the popular June wedding!

But since we don’t live in ancient history anymore, there are plenty of reasons why June weddings are still popular today… there is too much to drool over in just one post, so today we’re trying to dream up one idea for a perfect June wedding…

So when I think late spring, early summer, I want to be outside whether it comes to weddings or just life! So an outdoor (I’m thinking garden-esque wedding) is perfect for June. Now I LOVE the idea of a garden wedding and how you can personalize it to make yours so different than anyone elses. The other thing that comes to mind when I think June is white!! We all know that white shouldn’t be worn until we reach a certain date every year but June is definitely within the acceptable range for white everything! So that means we are doing an all white garden wedding today… complete with bridesmaids dresses (I LOVE these ethereal, flowing white dresses), decor, and even the perfect bouquet! Put together the perfect pieces of white (fashion and decor ideas) in an outdoor garden setting, and I guarantee you can do no wrong for your June wedding!


Credits:  Laced in Weddings, Classic Bride, Wedding Chicks, Project Ever After, The Brides of Oklahoma

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