Fall Eats (For the Wedding Favor)

As I prepare for my annual trip to the pumpkin patch, I can’t help going googly-eyed over some delicious fall treats that can so easily be transformed into tasty wedding favors! So for your fall wedding this year skip the pumpkin picking and go straight to the fall DIY wedding favor preparations!

What I love about fall wedding favors (aside from being delicious) is that you can go in a lot of different directions, and today I’m hoping to get all the fall wedding favor ideas flowing. So for the traditional route, the caramel’d and candied fruits (think caramel apples and pears…yes, try them!), for the healthy route, jars of apricot jam (sixth photo), and for trendy route, the fabulous donut (first and last photos). The beauty of the fall wedding favor is that even if you’re not planning your own wedding (or going to one), there is always a fall farm down the road (at least here in New York) for some pumpkin picking, apple (and donut eating) and all around fall deliciousness…wedding or not!


 Credits: Belle the Magazine, Intimate Weddings, Pinterest, Belle the Magazine, Brown Eyed BakerHostess with the Mostess, Belle the Magazine

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