The Beautiful Fall Centerpiece

It may still be the dog days of summer, but on the wedding front, it’s well past time to start your fall wedding planning. Centerpieces come after a long line of other wedding duties… booking the reception and ceremony venues, the dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the tux, the music, the pictures, a videographer etc etc so by the time you’ve made it to your decor ideas for the reception, you may not have much time left. So start planning now!

We are only right at the start of August after all so you have plenty of time to think pumpkins, reds and oranges before the leaves turn and your wedding is here. But coming up with the ever important decor for your wedding shouldn’t be left to the very last minute when there is plenty to be done to prepare before your big day. Now I’m normally not into the cheesy season approach to wedding planning (pumpkins for fall and Easter eggs for the spring), but when chosen elegantly, you can add the best of fall without making your guests feel like they’ve gone pumpkin picking. So instead of just pumpkins galore, choose ways to spice these pieces up, like giving them a shimmer (first photo below), cutting out the pumpkins altogether but sticking with the strong fall colors (two options below), or keep the pumpkins but make them part of the centerpiece – not the whole thing. It’s all about finding the right balance; you don’t want your guests to think it’s the middle of the summer when, well, Halloween is tomorrow, but you also want to stay clear of a full cornucopia of pumpkins and mums. So the moral of the story, start planning now so that you have the right fall touches in your decor, but they are toned down to the perfect level of seasonal spirit.


Credits: Erin Ever After, Everyday Home Blog, Vignette Design, Wedding ChicksPinterest, Sunday Hatch

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