The Art of Wedding Lipstick

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I love lipstick!! It’s like this amazing pop of pink, red, blush, coral that makes you stand out even without a full face or gloppy make-up so why not take it one step further than wearing your favorite color out to lunch or a first date… pick the right shade and make it a part of your wedding day!

Now here’s the bad news… you CAN GO WRONG! Please avoid gothic or 80′s shades (that includes anything in the realm of magenta pinks, all shades of purple, and just black in general). But I’m hoping you aren’t that type of bride anyway?? Now the beauty of it is that most colors do work! Of course pick the right shade for your skin and the time of year. For example, for a bold look I love how a fair skin tone and deep red lipstick blend perfectly for a winter wedding, but if you are fair and having a beach summer wedding please no deep coral shades… ehhh not so pretty. Try something more in the pink family that goes with your cool, fair skin tone!

But do not fear… Even with all the “what not to do’s”, picking the perfect color is important but hardly impossible! There are about 1 billion websites that you could find even more than a billion articles on lipstick shades that match your skin tones so do your research, search for some pretty inspiration in pictures (these are a great start), and practice (yes that’s right, don’t leave the lipstick reveal for the big day… get a sense of how it looks before so you know that it will be just right at the wedding! Oh and don’t forget to touch up throughout the day… it does fade you know!



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