Yummm…Tasty Wedding Dessert Favors

Ahhh… I am SO excited for today’s tasty (and DIY) post for our lovely, crafty brides on the yummiest wedding dessert favors to dazzle your guests and leave them with a pleasant taste in their mouths (literally!)

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, but these days favors are dead….and it is a terrible thing!! Why does no one celebrate the wonderfulness of the wedding favor! These are essentials for a fabulous wedding, and the last thing that your guests will take away from your big day… so make them special! And today special = yummy/DIY! I have a running list of my own favorite favors but I wanted to cover the tastiest bases today and some easy dessert favors that you can make yourself!

First off, for a rustic, outdoor wedding I love a twist on the chocolate chip cookie…cookies AND milk (second photo)! This is such a fun idea and your guests can pick and choose what they want here. All you need for this one is a tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe, and clear mini bottles to fill up with some chocolate milk! But if you don’t like chocolate milk, just the cookies still make a perfect treat for a rustic affair (fifth photo)

Next up…the cupcake (forth photo)! This is a fun idea for a fall or spring wedding. Yes I know we’re not all pastry chefs but honestly, cupcakes aren’t that hard! And if you want to cheat and start with a mix… I’m okay with that for this one :) Focus on a pretty presentation and your guests will love this idea.

Third we’ve got dainty cakes that are a must for an elegant wedding. These cakes (first  photo) may be a little bit of a stretch in terms of all of our baking capabilities, but I couldn’t resist because they looked so beautiful and delicious! But mini cakes in general are doable for the average bride-baker; there are plenty of recipes that are easy but come out looking as good as bought!

Finally, I can never resist the donut. For my final wedding dessert favor pick, I am loving the donut holes. These are SO easy to make.. literally I made them this weekend and I promise anyone can do it, and they seem so creative and impressive! So two different styles… for a modern wedding, I love the donut kebab (third photo)… all you need for this is kebab sticks; you can just line your homemade donut holes one by one to create your dessert kebab. This is a fabulous idea for our trendy brides! More traditionally, I’m also not opposed to a stack of tasty donut holes (last photo)! This is best for a summer backyard wedding…completely down to earth and super fun.

So that’s it… my four favorite types of tasty wedding dessert favors.. easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect for your guests!


Credits: Calligraphy by Jennifer, Pinterest via Traditionally ModernProject Wedding, Koyal WholesalePinterest, Ruffled Blog

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