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The Wedding Palette – Pale Winter

Dreaming of a white wedding? Well, maybe not quite white but if you’re going with a pale color palette (whites, creams, beiges) then why not do it right… that is, in the winter! Let the mood step in and pray for a little snow to add to the beauty of the pale winter palette but even without the luck of mother nature and an outside snowy wedding day photo op, the pale wedding palette can really be lovely for a wintery wedding.

Your guests won’t be expecting it which makes it even more fun, but it’s also refreshing to see the bridesmaids in, say, cream or off-white dresses for a winter wedding (third photo) – you can always choose a shrug as your bridesmaids gift to make sure they don’t… freeze? Fur is always a must for the bride (eighth photo), but if you’re not into this (overused) style… (though still one of my favorites), try a classy jacket like the one in the eleventh photo. This is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing on the winter wedding front, but still as lovely. Moving onto the groom’s fashion, and sticking with the pale theme, I love the casual look of the groom in the third photo. Pairing khaki’s and a beige sweater is perfect for this palette and a laid back winter wedding. And finally the fashion touches… shoes, shoes, shoes! There are plenty of nude heels to pick from, and some of the most fabulous styles at that… but I actually like the simple picks we found today (sixth and ninth photos) for this palette.

And now onto the rest… on the paper front keep everything from the invites (seventh photo), to the menus, place cards and programs in the same pale palette. For the flowers, you can keep these white but add very small touches of color like the bouquet in our tenth photo. And on the food front.. keep the dessert and signature drinks along the same palette lines (this means no red sangria or cranberry martini’s)… stick with things like buttered rum (add extra cream to get it to be a pretty pale color), or an eggnog drink, and finally for the dessert… I’m slightly biased, but yes, I loveeee macarons (fourth photo). They never disappoint, and have become my go-to because in any palette, and nearly any theme these come in handy!


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The Wedding Palette – Eggplant and Gold

Today officially kicks off the crazies of the shopping season which means we’re kicking off more winter wedding posts! There have been a few here and there because I couldn’t help myself, but now we’re in full swing… So today I wanted something perfect for right after Thanksgiving, just into December, something that works a little bit for fall and a little bit for Christmas and winter. And so… it’s the fabulously sexy eggplant (dark purple) and gold wedding palette!

The beginning of December is funny for a wedding. Is it Thanksgiving? Christmas? Winter? That’s what makes this palette choice a perfect mix. The “eggplant”, a rich deep purple, reminds me more of fall or late winter but blending it with gold makes me think a little more Christmas with the sparkles, lights and glam! So today it’s simple, I’m suggesting combining both for a winter color palette that’s both fancy (gold trimmed cake – first photo, gold sequin heels – second photo, elegant gold lined invites – sixth photo) but fally (eggplant flower boutonnieres – forth photo, purple and blush rose bouquet – tenth photo) with a little touch of winter to come (dark purple bridesmaids dress and winter bouquet – third photo). Sprinkle in some jewels, I love all things Kate & Company including this antique amethyst and gold wedding pendant (fifth photo), and amethyst bracelet (seventh photo). I also have a fab Etsy find in the form of the amethyst and topaz earrings (ninth photo)…. all in all our own little inspiration board (post) for the perfect winter (and fall) eggplant purple and gold wedding palette!




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Winter Wedding Boutonniere Love

With my favorite season practically knocking the door down I get more excited everyday for tons of fabulously pretty winter wedding ideas. We already kicked off the winter season here a few weeks ago with a winter post here and there but when I heard Christmas music today in the drug store I practically died and went to winter wedding blogging heaven! So with one of my all-time favorite underused wedding topics, decisions, and unfortunately yes, blog posts too, I present lots of love for winter wedding boutonniere picks for your handsome groom and of course his dashing groomsmen.

So without too much blabbing on and on today, I’ll leave it to you visual lovers out there to just enjoy what you can do with the winter wedding floral palette. There are endless options and no it doesn’t have to be all red or green (although I’m definitely not opposed to the awesome red berries (first, third, last photos), or on the topic of berries, blueberries can work as well (ninth photo) but what I love most about the winter wedding boutonniere is that it’s a lovely way to express a little creativity for the groom and his men while adding a hint of winter charm without going overboard…


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Golden Clutch

Now that we’re officially in November, I’m feeling like it’s acceptable for lots of winter posts so today we’ve founded some of the best in winter accessories… the gold clutch!

I love gold for weddings, especially in the winter. The color is regal and vibrant plus it goes with just about any palette! So for your winter wedding I’m thinking that the gold clutch is an absolute must!! Whether it’s a treat for yourself and you want to splurge (I know we all do it on wedding shoes so why not the wedding clutch as well) or if you’re looking to accessorize your maids with one signature piece (ie the gold clutch) then we’ve found loads of options for you! Some on the very expensive front, and others on the very budget-friendly front, but all perfect for a wedding day gift to yourself as the bride, or a gift for your bridesmaids!

For the bride, a few of the more expensive (but seriously fabulous options). From the mini, edgy limited edition Bottega Veneta (tenth photo), to the gorgeous Christian Louboutin classy gold (eighth photo) and finally the Miu Miu metallic gold leather from Net-a-Porter at $510 (last photo) these clutches are incredible accessories for the bride, especially if you are willing to splurge…

But because I know we can’t all spend hundreds on our bridesmaids gifts (or ourselves) we’ve managed to find some equally fab clutches on a way more reasonable budget! From Etsy seller Lost in Time, I love this incredible ivory gold brocade purse at only $65 (first photo) and another Etsy find from seller Salvage Life with a vintage 1950s glitter gold purse (twelfth photo). Like to shop at department stores? We found this gorgeous Tasha box clutch with metallic gold mesh from Nordstrom’s (ninth photo), and finally for our most budget-friendly gold clutch… stylish gold beading by Karen Marie at $44 (seventh photo).

Gold clutch anyone?


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Trend Alert: The Winter Bridesmaid {In Shades of Grey}

With winter quickly approaching, it’s about time to kick off plenty of fun, creative, and always stylish winter posts… I am SO excited about all of the winter wedding ideas swirling around in my mind, so get ready, we’re covering everything from wedding gowns, accessories, fashion, centerpieces, obviously lots of red and green… and of course everything in between.

But today, I’m talking winter trends which is why I couldn’t help but pick shades of grey winter bridesmaids dresses. There is something about grey these days that has girls going wild so why not express your inner grey with some fun and flirty bridesmaids dresses for the maids! Grey is one of my favorite winter wedding colors because you can do so much with it. You can go very light (almost white… what a crazy wedding idea!) which is perfect for the winter season, or slighter darker, a true light grey (I love the dresses in the second photo below). Next up is the edgy blue-grey… if you’re not sold on true grey, blue grey is for you. I love our blue-grey pick today (forth photo below) because this color is a little warmer than our other shades of grey, if that’s more of your style. Moving onto the medium grey to charcoals. How can you not swoon over these lovely picks (first, and sixth photos by Jenny Yoo, third photo by Sarah Seven). And last on our grey spectrum… the navy. Yep, I said it… navy as a shade of grey. I mean it’s in the same family right? And when I think of different greys, blues seem to just blend in which is why I chose these beautiful navy vintage dresses for my last of the grey picks (fifth photo).

But… I’m not done quite yet! My absolute favorite idea and ultimate trend on the bridesmaids front… the mix and match (last photo). Why not let the maids pick their favorite shade of grey, put them all together, and I promise, there will only be fabulousness on this winter trend front!


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