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The Wedding Palette – For the “Bright” Hearted

With summer practically here, we’re tossing out our light pinks and blues and bringing in some very loud (and lovely) summer color palettes – the brights! Since we couldn’t pick just one color palette, we wanted to inspire brides to work with a very full palette of very bright colors… magentas, tangerines, deep purples and mustard yellows! Sound good together?  Probably not… but trust me, they work!

Best used for summer and outdoor weddings, brights can and should be mixed together as long as they don’t all overpower each other! My favorite way to combine all of these fun colors is to take one theme (like these dessert cupcakes and use all different colored frosting! They end up perfectly complementing each other!). Another example? The bridesmaids dresses! In my opinion this is a very underused idea..look at how great different colored dresses blend together (and each bridesmaid gets to pick her own color)! For other ways to incorporate the brights… how about a centerpiece filled with all of the different colors (see below), or a table setting with a bit of everything (turquoise plates, magenta centerpieces and orange pops here and there). If you still don’t believe me about the blending of the brights…check out these amazing pictures, or better yet, try it yourself!


Credits: PinterestWedding BeeWedding Bee, Easton EventsWedding Chicks, The Grateful Spread

The June Bride

The summer may not be here quite yet but my mind is already there on the wedding front, and since it’s the first day of June, we wanted to take the time to dream up the perfect June wedding celebration! But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets start at the beginning… how did June become so popular for weddings? Well, it’s not just the weather or the summer vacation mentality; as with most wedding traditions, June weddings go back much further than we would ever think while planning our own big day.. to the Roman times of course! In Roman mythology, Juno was the god ruling over marriage, childbirth and hearth and quite fittingly it is believed that this was one of the reasons for the popular June wedding!

But since we don’t live in ancient history anymore, there are plenty of reasons why June weddings are still popular today… there is too much to drool over in just one post, so today we’re trying to dream up one idea for a perfect June wedding…

So when I think late spring, early summer, I want to be outside whether it comes to weddings or just life! So an outdoor (I’m thinking garden-esque wedding) is perfect for June. Now I LOVE the idea of a garden wedding and how you can personalize it to make yours so different than anyone elses. The other thing that comes to mind when I think June is white!! We all know that white shouldn’t be worn until we reach a certain date every year but June is definitely within the acceptable range for white everything! So that means we are doing an all white garden wedding today… complete with bridesmaids dresses (I LOVE these ethereal, flowing white dresses), decor, and even the perfect bouquet! Put together the perfect pieces of white (fashion and decor ideas) in an outdoor garden setting, and I guarantee you can do no wrong for your June wedding!


Credits:  Laced in Weddings, Classic Bride, Wedding Chicks, Project Ever After, The Brides of Oklahoma

The Industrialist

What exactly is an industrial wedding? Well, the industrial revolution may be long gone but industrialism is still around; that is, in places you don’t exactly look when planning a wedding… like manufacturing, coal and steel…

Well lucky for the creative brides out there, an industrial vibe for your wedding can make it a very special and fun day even without all the dainty things we normally think of when we think weddings. Accentuating colors like greys, blacks and browns gives the industrial feel and picking the right “shaped” items (like these pleated dresses… I am obsessed with the one below from BHLDN) can help set the mood… I am practically dying over the reception decor below.. the hanging lantern lights and chandeliers dangling from a warehouse ceiling couldn’t be more perfect, and touches like grey chairs, and a sleek grey program add to the overall feel. Since everything can’t be grey, black bridesmaids dresses (like this one from Badgley Mischka) add a sharper color contrast and one of my favorite picks for this theme is the favors!  I always get excited over amazing favor ideas and these are up there with my favorites… cookie mix in a jar! The colors are perfect for this type of mood but the actual favor is so fun for guests to enjoy and remember your unique wedding!!


Credits: Flickr, Pleated Fantasy Gown by BHLDN, Alibaba, Good Job Creative, Abby Ross WeddingsBadgley Mischka courtesy of Brides, The Brides Cafe

The Wedding Palette – An Ode to Magenta

You can go on and on reminding me how tangerine is the “color of the season” but that is exactly why I’m loving magenta for summer weddings this year! When something is “out of style” it makes it so much more appealing and fun to work with… when everyone is wearing the same bridesmaids dress and using the similar flower arrangements, you’re making waves with a little use of an old favorite… magenta!

Since magenta is so… bright, try not to have every single thing at your wedding in some form magenta.. your guests will be scared away! Instead, it should be used as an accent color in combination with other colors and patterns. I love this table setting to blend different colors! Although these colors are all bright, they work perfectly together and open the door for a multi-color palette instead of being stuck with just magenta. Also talking reception… the bright sofa below is so perfect to add at the entrance of a reception as a statement piece that can tie your palette together. On the fashion front, these sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes are a fun accessory for the bride (hidden under the gown), and a magenta bridesmaids dress is a must – I love this Lazaro Spring 2012 dress.. especially the back! And finally, with a pink dress and pink centerpieces, the bouquets should match.. these peonies are a fun way to sprinkle magenta throughout your big day without being too overwhelming!


Credits:  The Lennoxx, Christian Louboutin courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue – front and back, Pinterest, Lazaro Magenta Spring 2012 – Style LZ3023, Lazaro Magenta Spring 2012 – Style LZ3023 Back, Wedding Bee

The Rustic-Elegant Wedding Celebration

To me, rustic elegance is almost like an oxymoron. When I think rustic I think outdoors, rugged, and earthy. And when I think elegance I think glamour, ballrooms, and anything but the outside! But when put together in terms of wedding decor, rustic elegance can bring a classy feel to an outdoor celebration by using the right accessories…

So today we’re aiming to recreate the magical reception below… the finished product. It looks daunting, the blending of such different ideas… the wood beams, chandeliers, beautiful chairs and pewter detailing but it is shockingly easy to put together! There are some amazing steals all over the internet for savvy budget shoppers… today I “stopped by” One Kings Lane, an amazing home decor website, perfect for finding wedding accessories like the trays and beaded chandelier below! Pair that with fun heels that scream rustic elegance (I love these Jimmy Choo’s) and a simple, pale bridesmaids dress (this one is Cynthia Rowley)… The final touch is this incredible vintage pewter vase which (paired with a few similar styles) can serve as a lovely backdrop like the ones at this reception sitting on the mantel (below)…

So if you’re torn between the outdoors and a fancy ballroom reception… rustic elegance should seem not only easy to recreate for your own wedding but also budget friendly if you’re scouring for the right (price-friendly) pieces!

Credits: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, One Kings Lane, Jimmy Choo (Saks Fifth Avenue)WMF Maiden Vase, Ballyhoo Design on One Kings Lane