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A Vineyard Inspired Affair

I LOVE vineyards and wine tasting and what could be better than your normal trip to your favorite vineyard…well, a vineyard wedding of course! The beauty of the vineyard wedding is that this isn’t just isolated to one or two places, there seem to be vineyards popping up all over the country and world these days making a vineyard wedding a very good possibility in your own backyard (or within driving distance) or as a destination wedding.

Between California and Long Island wineries in the United States as well as many well known and well established grape growing locations all over the world (think Italy, France, Australia, South Africa) whatever type of wedding you are looking for the world will have it! So once you’ve picked the location it’s time to busy yourself with all the details like the vineyard of choice, whether you’ll be having an outdoor or indoor reception (I hope outdoor!) From there it’s moving on to the table ideas, although here you can’t really go wrong if you’ve plopped yourself in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard. As always, never forget the little details like the best ways to incorporate the cork (please, I know it may be cliche but for a vineyard wedding you must!)  I love these place cards using cork and this fun guest sign-in “book” (photos below). And finally, among picking the wines you will all be drinking and the best ways to serve them (I love the “drink bar” below where wine bottles rest in the center of a picnic table), you can’t forget the favors!  And of course, I would suggest a bottle of wine for this one…



Credits: Style Me Pretty, Stefan Sisters Bridal, Wedding Bee, Botanica Floral DesignsPinterest via Reason to Breathe, Brides, My own photo of Wolffer Estate Vineyard – East Hampton, Inspired by This

The Wedding Palette – Golden Touch

The color gold makes me think of fame and riches, ornate interiors, and pretty, old buildings… but aside from all of this, it’s such a perfect wedding color! And even better, there are plenty of ways to dazzle your wedding with different touches of gold making it a fun choice for nearly every bride..

I love different gold wedding accessories like, well, your dress (this may be only for those die-heart gold fans), or an ornate, baroque style gold ballroom (both below), but if you’re on the more conservative side when it comes to the gold highlights on your wedding day, just use it in your palette as an accent color for, say, your cake, your heels, the specialty drink of the day, some elegant (if not heavy) beaded necklaces, the table setting, or for the ribbon on your bouquet (photos below). Each of these helps put a little sparkle into your wedding day but at the same time none of these options is too overwhelming; the gold just adds the glamour factor that no wedding should go without!


Credits: Pinterest, Elizabeth Anne DesignsPinterestPinterestPinterest, Style Me Pretty, Lilly Unique, The Sweetest Occasion

The Outdoor Wedding Table

The table… such a boring piece of furniture without a bit of decor especially when planning a wedding! So today, it’s all about the outdoor table setting and how you can make yours special!  In the great outdoors, everything seems better so plop your table in the middle of the woods, a backyard, or a dock and you already have some character. But what really makes your table setting memorable will be it’s unique decor and the accessories you choose to make it perfect!

So first, location, location, location!  If your wedding is outdoors but in a country setting then you may want to go with a true western or maybe a modern country vibe. But if your outdoor wedding is in the woods surrounded by trees, than your decor better be different! An overall earthy or vintage vibe seems perfect! And for a backyard? Rustic refinement anyone?

Secondly your accessories! Though you may not realize, your guests will notice the little choices you make. So while the outdoors will provide the perfect backdrop, find the right glasses, candles, chairs and vases to accessorize your wedding table. Expressing yourself through fun artistic elements will only make your day more rewarding… so whether it’s quirky, elegant, modern or rustic, make your table setting all about you!


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A European Inspired Affair

Lately I’ve been craving the European touch, so what better way to dream of Europe than to put together some European wedding inspiration!  I’m not being biased to any of my favorite countries this time; we’re calling this “European inspired” because there are certain things that are universal when we think of Europe… ivy covered stone villas, rolling hills and green valleys, cypress trees and charming homes on the riviera (French, Italian..), beautifully old architecture, style galore, and of course the old world feel that only lurks in certain places in the world.

So, since I’m not traveling around the Italian or French countryside anytime soon, instead I’m planning a European inspired wedding for all of you lovely brides-to-be! From the color palette (I’m thinking a very neutral beige to let the scenery do the talking), to a cypress tree lined wedding entrance, a beautiful stone reception venue, and a simple yet elegant table setting (in the outdoors)…these are the perfect fixtures to a European inspired affair whether it’s actually in Europe (I’m thinking some fabulous, bucolic countryside set amid rolling hills and vineyards… sigh) or maybe it’s just in your own backyard (or hometown).  But if you are looking to infuse a bit of Europe into your big day, some inspiration to begin your planning…


Credits: Style Me Pretty, The Starry Eyed Bride, Style Me Pretty, My own photo – Tuscany, Italy, Stefan Sisters Bridal, Pinterest

The Wedding Palette – Colors & Patterns of Summer

Summer is in the air and what better to inspire our summer brides than with some lovely colors, designs, and patterns of the season! Whether your wedding is just around the corner or you are a year away, perfecting the little details for the season your wedding is in is key! Picking pops of color or exciting designs can be done at the very beginning of the planning process and made to be focal points of your day OR at the very end to add the little details that sometimes can stand out the most!

But regardless of your timing, picking the rights colors and patterns especially if you are getting married in such a vibrant season (summer) is key! So today we’re using bold designs and colors to emphasize the importance of these little details! I can’t get over how amazing the bright patterns used on a table runner for the signature drinks or a table cloth (both below) are for a wedding. Patterns are so underused at weddings that it’s refreshing to see such bold colors and designs used at the same time! Blend patterns like these with the colors in them… reds, yellows and oranges to freshen up your wedding and bring even the small details like your drink bar to life!


Credits: PinterestStyle Me Pretty, Inspired by This, HGTV, Inspired by This