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Easter Wedding Finishes

Easter is just around the corner and I imagine there are plenty of brides-to-be preparing their finishing touches for a wedding this weekend. So what to do when your wedding falls on the weekend of an iconic holiday? Embrace it of course…

Today is all about the Easter “finishes”; those little details that help blend a wedding and a holiday but don’t throw either out of sync. So… you will not find me suggesting an Easter egg hunt between the ceremony and reception, or even a carrot cake (isn’t that a bit too Easter-obvious)? Instead, the finishes can include small touches like place card holders in the shape of a nest (I picked out a few of my favorites because when done right, these can be too perfect to pick only one), or this stunning four tiered cake decorated with twigs (below). I couldn’t help but include a few fashion picks, but again this is about the finishing touches. The blue Priscilla of Boston bridesmaids dress isn’t at all over the top Easter; there are no yellows, oranges, or purples about it, but it is still bright for spring and blue for a toned down Easter color palette. The tie is the punch of color that this wedding needs! It blends two Easter colors and is sure to make the much anticipated color statement. And speaking of finishes on the fashion front, I couldn’t help but include a lovely light green mother-of-the-bride (or groom) dress and overcoat. This is just perfect for an early spring (and Easter weekend) wedding. This is a finish that is often overlooked, but not this time!

And finally the dress… never underestimate the power of the finishes, but don’t forget the most important pieces of a wedding either (think bridal gown)! I cannot take my eyes off the back lacing on this Vera Wang Spring 2012 gown. It is intricate and intense on top and light and airy on the bottom. This dress is the perfect finishing statement for an Easter weekend wedding.


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Into the Garden

The garden. There is no more enchanted of a setting than a peaceful outdoor garden. With spring in full swing, there are so many opportunities to host even just a bit of your wedding outdoors, and April is the perfect time of the year for a garden wedding.

There are plenty of options depending on the actual outdoor space, the color palette, the number of guests, and of course all of the “embellishments” (think flower choices, table setting, place cards)… But today I’m focusing on what I would imagine a “traditional garden wedding” to be (and if you aren’t the traditionalist, then we will have plenty more garden-esque ideas to come). So what actually is a traditional garden wedding? I’m envisioning the basics… a romantic and lush, green outdoor setting nestled within the country + wedding accessories that are both elegant and earthy at the same time.

So, I’ve picked a strong contrast between the elegant and the earthy with a few of my favorite wedding pieces. The plant place cards below set the garden tone and are unique and fun at the same time. Contrast those with very elegant, light silvery blue bridesmaids dresses and beautiful white and blue bouquets. The tables will be more elegant; imagine being surrounded by ivy coated walls and delicate hardware for the place settings. The bridal gown… always my favorite part. I picked this Allure Bridal charmeuse satin and lace gown with a key hole back. It is incredible… The reception of course will be in the country and I love the idea of this ivy covered mansion, back to the earthy theme. And my favorite accessory for this wedding? The rustic white birdcage for the gift cards…



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Meant to “Bee”… Honey Wedding Favors

In terms of wedding expressions, “meant to be” is up there at the top of the most used (or overused..) Think, “oh those two are just meant to be” or “they were always meant to be even when they didn’t know it”… use your imagination, I’m sure you’ve heard them all before!

Not to say this isn’t a nice expression (it is), but aside from hearing it over and over on your wedding day, why not humor it. For what? The favors of course.

The favors… not to be overlooked, favors can be so fun! Plus they are a nice little treat for your guests. So if you aren’t into the DIY craze, nor do you want to spend a fortune, why not make it simple and sweet… with honey of course! Little jars of honey are perfect for a Spring wedding plus they taste delicious and are unique for your guests to take home and remember.

All of these little honey jars and tags are from Etsy which is the perfect place to find favors (or anything)! There are endless shapes, sizes, and mason jars full of this sweet treat that will really guarantee a creative use of the term “meant to bee


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April Showers… Ideas for a Rainy Wedding Day

Well I don’t know about the weekend weather in the rest of the world but here on the east coast and in New York City things have been pretty dreary. So I couldn’t help but thinking about the best (and worst) months for a wedding. After Prince William and Kate’s very famous royal wedding last year on April 29th, I’ve been wondering why more people aren’t choosing April as their choice month. And then there was this weekend…. it rained, drizzled, and was just overall gross.

You know what they say… April showers bring May flowers.

But for those April brides-to-be and everyone else who hasn’t picked a date, don’t let a weekend of rain or a little poem fool you. April showers can actually be quite picturesque. Really, this is no April Fool’s day/week prank, I’m very serious! These pictures will leave you not only wishing your own wedding day is at least a little rainy, but you may find yourself planning an April wedding in the hopes of a spring shower yourself.. And you know what else they say aside from April showers bring May flowers?

It’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day…

Happy Showers!


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The Wedding Palette – Shades of Green

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m devoting all my energy to the color green today! It’s not every year that St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on a Saturday so I can only imagine how many green themes/palettes/accessories will be used to celebrate in the wedding world! Green is such an underused color it terms of, well, everything! Aside from nature, green is always overshadowed but today (and tomorrow) it takes front and center. There are so many lovely shades of green (think forest, kelly, lime, pond, hunter, jungle… you get the hint) so what better way to honor the man himself (Saint Patrick that is) than to highlight an entirely green wedding palette! When there are so many shades of green to choose from, and they blend so effortlessly together, there is really no need for any other colors (except maybe white for the bride…)

So as for the below, we’re sticking to anything and everything green with this satin bridesmaids dress which is simple and glamorous, four different bouquets (yes four… they were too special to choose only one so you can get creative and vary the shades you are using for each of your bridesmaids), two incredible table settings (in different shades of green of course), some (hopefully inspirational) ideas for a “green” ceremony and reception… these ivy colored spaces serve as incredible locations for a unique ceremony and traditional but awesome reception. And to top it off? Dessert of course! I’m bypassing the urge for an entirely green cake here so instead we’ll just add a bit of green as a dessert accessory on top of the cake…

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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