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Into the Outdoors

The outdoors have become a very trendy location for wedding ceremonies and although not as traditional as the church wedding, the wilderness certainly provides a beautiful and scenic backdrop! There are so many types of outdoor ceremonies but today we wanted to highlight a few of the prettiest for some wedding inspiration! Setting up your ceremony in the midst of a mountainous background, or more desert-like rolling hills, greenery and forestry, or even on the patio of an elegant stone building (all of which are below) can cater to your personal style and provide a natural and scenic ceremony location.

It’s easy to see how brides are seduced into an outdoor ceremony after admiring these creative ideas and starting to envision your own vows being said in the wilderness and under the sun. Tempting isn’t it?



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Into the Tent

If you have ever doubted the power of the outdoors, welcome to the wedding tent… Not really inside, but not really outside, a wedding tent still feels like you and your guests are outside, surrounded by nature – but instead you’re actually indoors so whether it’s cold, cloudy, or rainy, you won’t even need to know.

This is why the tent is a popular, fun and reliable option for a wedding venue. But of all the things that are great about tents (I could keep going on and on), my favorite by far is how easy it is to customize, create and design you own wedding venue. These tents are a few of my favorite picks but what is so striking about each is how different they are. From white elegance, to a cream organza ceiling, a tent without sides, to hanging lanterns or fancy chandeliers, to modern sleek or just ultra modern, these tents (all below) have their own personality as seen through the bride and grooms eyes.  Unlike a reception venue with a set ballroom, the same tables and chairs and overall scenery, a tent is a blank canvas to paint your own dream wedding on


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Enchanted – For a Fairy Tale Wedding

Whether you like them or not, we all grew up with fairy tales. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel have all made their way into our hearts and still inspire us to dream about our own happy ending. And isn’t your wedding day supposed to be just that?

Every bride deserves an enchanted wedding day whether it’s big or small, so here are some “fairy tale inspired” ideas to bring out the Sleeping Beauties in each of us…

I imagine colors in fairy tales to be light, airy and delicate which is why a pale pink and light turquoise are so fitting. The setting doesn’t need to be in the middle of a pink enchanted forest (first photo), but your photos can be done in a unique and enchanted place of your own. How about your reception venue? Well, a castle may be more realistic than you think..   Although the Egeskov Castle in Denmark (second photo) may not be available for your reception, there are so many castle-like venues that can help to create your fairy tale wedding. And the dresses…. I picked a light blue for the bridesmaids (forth photo), and yes although the dramatic staircase below isn’t necessarily realistic, it is meant to inspire the type of wedding photos that you would find only in fairy tales. Finally, the wedding gowns (fifth and sixth photos) are of course romantic but strong and simply perfect for an enchanted affair.


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Into the Barn

For a change of scenery, today we’re focusing on only one (albeit very important part of a wedding)… the reception venue! But not just any reception venue, for those yearning for a rustic, elegant and country setting (or just something different), there is no better place than a barn.

So how do you make a barn stylish enough for your big day? Well the decor is halfway there already. The inside of your barn will already give off a certain feel (most likely rustic if we are all thinking of the same type of barn) but you can dress it up anyway you want. I picked a few of my favorite “interior designs” from all over (see below) and for each, they are just a blank canvas that can be tweaked easily to the tastes of the bride and groom to be. But don’t get too carried away… there are a few essentials that cannot be overlooked regardless of how creative you want to be..

First, the lighting. Remember, most likely it will be dark at some point during your reception and barns aren’t particularly known for their natural lighting. So make sure to pick a spot with a lot of sunlight during the day (there are a few options below) but dress it up for dusk with chandeliers (my personal favorite) or small Christmas tree lights. The lighting, second to the actual barn, will set the mood whether its casual, elegant, romantic… whatever you want it to be.

Second, the overall decor. We don’t need to get into the details but remember your setting (in the barn) and make sure that you dress up or dress down the venue the way you want, but keep it all blended together. Don’t go rustic-casual on the favors and place settings, but set up classy, modern couches for the guests to lounge on. The barn itself is a statement so pick only one theme for the rest of the day and decor inside and stick with it…



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The Perfect (Spring Wedding) Palette

With Easter just barely behind us, I couldn’t help but channel all of my Easter related wedding thoughts into something other than another post revolving mainly around nests. So instead, I’ve decided to focus on the perfect Easter (and Spring) color palette!

For a wedding this time of year, and especially around Easter, you’ve probably strayed away from the darks… blacks, browns, eggplants, even silver? I’m guessing instead you are juggling a bright palette of colors that you aren’t quite sure how to blend together. The answer? The right colors! Bright spring colors can be used perfectly together with the right palette and today we’re going with three of my favorites, we’ll call them light (but bright) blue, baby pink, and pale orange for lack of the exact color shade names. By blending the pale pink and orange with a sharp and vibrant blue, you can achieve a perfect mix of bright + light + spring all at once. So to do this, make sure there are elements of your wedding where the colors tie in together like the table setting and bouquet below, but that they also stand alone like in your choice of the bridesmaids dress color or for your signature drink!


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