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2013 Spring Wedding Trends

Hellooo spring? Where are you? Obviously nowhere near Manhattan that’s for sure… we still have icicles, winter coats, and the occasional flurry. But that’s not stopping any of the exciting and fabulous spring wedding ideas we have coming your way! And it feels like the best way to start is a round up of a few of the spring trends. I gathered a little of this and a little of that from what we’re seeing in spring weddings, fashion, and of course the blogging world to come up with my own list of 8 top trends. But my list is a little different because I didn’t want a bunch of random thoughts; instead I wanted a cohesive list of spring trends and how you can incorporate them into one wedding (yes, all of the trends in one!)

1. {Mint} Well mint and other pastels, but for me, mint tops the list. So a palette of mint it is
2. {Cactus} What? Yep, that’s right the fabulous cactus. These can be used as centerpieces, favors, or pretty decor, but trust me they work (second and ninth photos)
3. {Lace – used discreetly} Let’s be honest lace is a bit overused but one way to make it more trendy is to use it in a unique way. Case and point; these adorable wedding invites (third photo)
4. {Adorable invites} Speaking of invites, one big trend this year is small business, homemade items so why not get on the bandwagon; there are plenty of options out there that are affordable, creative and very cute (third and forth photos)
5. {Flats} These are popular on the runway so I’m thinking we’ll be seeing more fun options for wedding shoes led by the popular flat (love these loafers, fifth photo – they may be for the groom but they are technically still “flats”, and the J Crew ballet slippers, thirteenth photo)
6. {Tea Cups} These are definitely on the way back along with everyone’s love of vintage; I’m guessing dainty tea cups are going to be a big and wonderful part of weddings this year (sixth photo)
7. {Outdoor Lounge} One of my personal favorites and a big trend in 2013 so far, pretty obvious why these are so popular- because they are so cool! (seventh photo)
8. {Family Style Tables} The round table is out, family style long and very fun tables are in (eighth photo)

Happy Spring!


 Mint Bridesmaids Dresses {Elizabeth Millay Photography}Cactus Centerpiece

Mint Menu Cards

Mint InvitationMint Loafers

Mint Tea Cups

Outdoor Cocktail LoungeMint Family Style Table {Lisa Lefkowitz Photography}

Cactus Wedding Favors {Mary Swenson}

Mint Bridesmaids DressesMint Chapel

Vintage Mint Stacked Plates {Avery House}Mint J Crew Flats

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The Wedding Palette – Lavender Lovin’

Happy Monday! As another weeks begins, I’m finding myself most excited to start it off with some lovely lavender ideas for a not so purple wedding (it’s lavender ladies!) My inspiration for the lavender color palette comes from the first photo below of a perfect lavender field (unfortunately just after harvest…but I think you get the gist) at the Clairmont Lavender Farm in Southern California about 40 minutes outside of Santa Barbara. Aside from the things that most normal people would ponder at this little lavender farm like what amazing all natural products to buy (trust me, I did this too)… I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I don’t love purple for weddings but boy do I love lavender! I love the flower, the smell, the color… and it can make for such a pretty color palette!

So from my field of inspiration… some inspiration for the brides-to-be. Today, we’re doing a range of all things lavender since I couldn’t limit myself! The point is that lavender is not only a beautiful flower for a bouquet, but also as the base color for your wedding palette! There are tons of ways to use it (only some of which are below) but I’m hoping that these jump start your obsession with lavender just like mine!


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Shades of Pink

For me, when I think bridesmaids, I think pink! Personally I have my pink preferences (blush over bright) but for most, any shade of pink as far as the bridesmaids dresses go seems to work. So for those of you brides-to-be struggling with the dress color, today I wanted to remind you why pink is so perfect!

Firstly, depending on the shade, it can go with any season. Winter? Yes please! Think I’m kidding.. nope not this time. I actually think that a very light blush pink (like in the first photo below) is perfect for a winter wedding. Please, we see enough of the eggplants and silvers that a little color for your winter wedding day isn’t going to kill anyone! Of course we know that pink works for the rest of the year; the magentas and corals are perfect for a spring or summer wedding and the light colors are better for the latter half of the year.  You probably don’t want coral at your New Year’s Eve wedding.. you’ll have your guests wanting to transport themselves to an island instead of your reception.

Back to the point, why I love pink.. Aside from being right for any season, it’s practically perfect to pair with other colors. Maybe it won’t match with any color that you choose, but it certainly works with a lot of them. Moving on, pink is typically a non-controversial pick. With multiple girls in your party, you don’t want them hating the dresses you’ve picked (I know it’s your wedding day but these are your friends remember!) Pink is easy on the eyes and most girls like some shade of it. So when picking between pink and oh say lime green, I assure you the majority of the maids are going with pink. And finally, the right pink and the right dress can be reused! Tell me you’ve been a bridesmaid and been able to reuse your dress? Probably not because no one seems to pick normal dresses these days, but girls, it’s time! Pick one that everyone loves and you’ll see your maids wearing it at the next wedding they go to!



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A Vineyard Inspired Affair

I LOVE vineyards and wine tasting and what could be better than your normal trip to your favorite vineyard…well, a vineyard wedding of course! The beauty of the vineyard wedding is that this isn’t just isolated to one or two places, there seem to be vineyards popping up all over the country and world these days making a vineyard wedding a very good possibility in your own backyard (or within driving distance) or as a destination wedding.

Between California and Long Island wineries in the United States as well as many well known and well established grape growing locations all over the world (think Italy, France, Australia, South Africa) whatever type of wedding you are looking for the world will have it! So once you’ve picked the location it’s time to busy yourself with all the details like the vineyard of choice, whether you’ll be having an outdoor or indoor reception (I hope outdoor!) From there it’s moving on to the table ideas, although here you can’t really go wrong if you’ve plopped yourself in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard. As always, never forget the little details like the best ways to incorporate the cork (please, I know it may be cliche but for a vineyard wedding you must!)  I love these place cards using cork and this fun guest sign-in “book” (photos below). And finally, among picking the wines you will all be drinking and the best ways to serve them (I love the “drink bar” below where wine bottles rest in the center of a picnic table), you can’t forget the favors!  And of course, I would suggest a bottle of wine for this one…



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The Wedding Palette – A Hint of Pastel

Spring is nearly behind us but that doesn’t mean pastels should be! With all the bright colors of the summertime, it’s sometimes refreshing to use a hint of spring in your color palette. Although pastels may not always be the colors of July and August, that makes them even more fun on a hot, sunny wedding day!

There are so many lovely pastels to choose from that it’s actually hard to narrow down the right ones to use with your palette so I’d suggest choosing one main color and sprinkle bits of other colors in more discreet places. One of my favorite pastels is a very pale shade of mint, almost a mix between a light green and turquoise but very soft and easy on the eyes! These bridesmaids dresses are the perfect shade and this color is a great palette starter! You can use it for accessories like the antique bird cage gift collector and to a degree in your cake (I’d prefer not too much mint all over the wedding cake though!) Blend other pastels like light yellows, oranges and pinks in your bouquets, and centerpieces to continue the pastel theme but not overdo one color. Now hopefully by this time you practically have your own version of a pastel color palette ready to go for your big day whatever the season may be!


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