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Off the Beaten Path: Fall Wedding Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, fall weddings and fall decor in general doesn’t always need to be only about the bold reds and oranges that we generally associate this season with. In fact, if you ask me, I wouldn’t choose these colors for my fall wedding! Spice things up a bit, make your guests be dazzled by your decor choices, and choose colors that are still fall in nature, but off the beaten path for color palette choices!

So for our off the beaten path ideas, I wanted to highlight an exciting and very unused fall color.. call it what you want but I like “mustard” or “straw”. Okay, maybe not your conventional color names, but mustard colors in the fall are fresh, fun and different! Now luckily since depending on where your wedding will be, the grass or leaves may already be a strawish color from the hot summer months, so pair the natural backdrop with light colored dresses for the maids (I love this light blue-grey pairing of the dresses with the outdoors)! Blend traditional fall ideas like yummy pies for desserts, with more unique ideas for favors like these pies in a mason jar (see below). Draw on the outdoors and incorporate your mustard color palette by using hay bales for seating for your ceremony or during your cocktail hour (last photo below) and for the bouquet, keeping with the same colors and offbeat theme, chose a thistle bouquet (I love the one below that this bride is holding).

This is only the start to off the beaten path fall wedding ideas, but with a little creativity there are plenty of ways to differentiate your big day from all the rest of the fall weddings this season and next!


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Fall Wedding Trends

Everyday we’re getting closer to fall which for us in NYC hopefully means cooler weather, and of course the start of a wonderful season of fall weddings! But before the fall really kicks off, we wanted to highlight some unique fall trends that I don’t see much at weddings but are so fun for this season!

Depending on where you’re having your wedding, the fall can be a funny time of the year. At least here in the New York area, fall can be very warm or even downright cold, but unless it’s steaming hot, a fall fur shrug is always the perfect accessory! What I love about shrugs in the fall (first photo) is that they’re unexpected! We all know that once winter rolls around, fur is always the “in” accessory but pulling it off in the fall makes it all the better! Next up, bridal party gifts! I love the two options below (third and last pictures) for the bridesmaids because they’ve both unique from Etsy sellers which means you won’t find them on too many other bridesmaids! Whether you prefer bracelets or necklaces, we’ve found both, and I love the little leaves giving them a fall look! As for the groomsmen gifts, these slippers and blankets are a fun and cozy gift for the guys (second photo). Our final thoughts on fall trends? This fabulous fall inspired drink bar with yummy fall ciders, and old bay flavored sunflower seed wedding favors! Happy fall!



 Credits: Style Me PrettyMartha Stewart Weddings, Pinterest via Etsy, PinterestI Love Southern Weddings Magazine, Etsy

The Beautiful Fall Centerpiece

It may still be the dog days of summer, but on the wedding front, it’s well past time to start your fall wedding planning. Centerpieces come after a long line of other wedding duties… booking the reception and ceremony venues, the dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the tux, the music, the pictures, a videographer etc etc so by the time you’ve made it to your decor ideas for the reception, you may not have much time left. So start planning now!

We are only right at the start of August after all so you have plenty of time to think pumpkins, reds and oranges before the leaves turn and your wedding is here. But coming up with the ever important decor for your wedding shouldn’t be left to the very last minute when there is plenty to be done to prepare before your big day. Now I’m normally not into the cheesy season approach to wedding planning (pumpkins for fall and Easter eggs for the spring), but when chosen elegantly, you can add the best of fall without making your guests feel like they’ve gone pumpkin picking. So instead of just pumpkins galore, choose ways to spice these pieces up, like giving them a shimmer (first photo below), cutting out the pumpkins altogether but sticking with the strong fall colors (two options below), or keep the pumpkins but make them part of the centerpiece – not the whole thing. It’s all about finding the right balance; you don’t want your guests to think it’s the middle of the summer when, well, Halloween is tomorrow, but you also want to stay clear of a full cornucopia of pumpkins and mums. So the moral of the story, start planning now so that you have the right fall touches in your decor, but they are toned down to the perfect level of seasonal spirit.


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Beach Wedding Ceremonies

In the summer, there’s nothing better than the beach whether it’s your local shore or some foreign, exotic land. So for those who love the summer and spending time at the beach, it’s about time you consider a beach wedding ceremony! Like with a vacation, this can be at your local beach or a destination but with the right setting (and the ocean is already there for you) and some perfect accessories to give the overall feel you’re looking for, you will already be well on your way.

Believe it or not beach wedding ceremonies can always be jazzed up depending on the type of bride you are. If you want to go for an elegant beach look, choose all white, chic chair coverings to give an upscale vibe (first photo below). If you are super modern, check out the incredible ottomans in the second picture below. These are unique and easily make a statement. For other options, there are always the traditional white chairs (see below), or finally for the more daring bride, a brown chair option? Well it works in the last picture below… Regardless of what you choose though, a beach wedding ceremony is nearly perfect even if you and your guests were sitting on the sand, so instead of worrying too much about the little details, pick the right local, time of year, and focus on the reception! The beach will do the rest for you..


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A Vineyard Inspired Affair

I LOVE vineyards and wine tasting and what could be better than your normal trip to your favorite vineyard…well, a vineyard wedding of course! The beauty of the vineyard wedding is that this isn’t just isolated to one or two places, there seem to be vineyards popping up all over the country and world these days making a vineyard wedding a very good possibility in your own backyard (or within driving distance) or as a destination wedding.

Between California and Long Island wineries in the United States as well as many well known and well established grape growing locations all over the world (think Italy, France, Australia, South Africa) whatever type of wedding you are looking for the world will have it! So once you’ve picked the location it’s time to busy yourself with all the details like the vineyard of choice, whether you’ll be having an outdoor or indoor reception (I hope outdoor!) From there it’s moving on to the table ideas, although here you can’t really go wrong if you’ve plopped yourself in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard. As always, never forget the little details like the best ways to incorporate the cork (please, I know it may be cliche but for a vineyard wedding you must!)  I love these place cards using cork and this fun guest sign-in “book” (photos below). And finally, among picking the wines you will all be drinking and the best ways to serve them (I love the “drink bar” below where wine bottles rest in the center of a picnic table), you can’t forget the favors!  And of course, I would suggest a bottle of wine for this one…



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