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Destination Seville, Spain

Having lived in Seville for a few months it’s hard for me to stay unbiased toward how amazing of a destination wedding location this little city in the south of Spain would be. First off, if you’ve never visited, it’s well overdue that you make plans. Secondly, if you are planning a destination wedding, like the European atmosphere, warm weather and palm trees, and a small eclectic city vibe, than Seville is your city!

Really though, Seville is such a great city and a perfectly fun and different place to host a wedding. For me, I couldn’t resist going with the Hotel Alfonso XIII for the reception. This hotel is in the heart of the city, has the classic Spanish architecture and atmosphere, and is beautiful inside and out (photos below). Once you’ve picked the reception location, it’s time for the details. For a wedding in the heart of Spain, unless you absolutely hate yellows and blues, these MUST be incorporated into your palette. Think mosaic tile, vibrant colors and you’re most likely thinking about Spain, so there isn’t anything more fitting than a color palette that tells a story about your wedding location. I love the idea of incorporating golds into the palette too like in the wedding cake below. This color combination for the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and even little things like the brides heels tie in the themes of the city and country with your own special day!


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The Wedding Palette – Golden Touch

The color gold makes me think of fame and riches, ornate interiors, and pretty, old buildings… but aside from all of this, it’s such a perfect wedding color! And even better, there are plenty of ways to dazzle your wedding with different touches of gold making it a fun choice for nearly every bride..

I love different gold wedding accessories like, well, your dress (this may be only for those die-heart gold fans), or an ornate, baroque style gold ballroom (both below), but if you’re on the more conservative side when it comes to the gold highlights on your wedding day, just use it in your palette as an accent color for, say, your cake, your heels, the specialty drink of the day, some elegant (if not heavy) beaded necklaces, the table setting, or for the ribbon on your bouquet (photos below). Each of these helps put a little sparkle into your wedding day but at the same time none of these options is too overwhelming; the gold just adds the glamour factor that no wedding should go without!


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A European Inspired Affair

Lately I’ve been craving the European touch, so what better way to dream of Europe than to put together some European wedding inspiration!  I’m not being biased to any of my favorite countries this time; we’re calling this “European inspired” because there are certain things that are universal when we think of Europe… ivy covered stone villas, rolling hills and green valleys, cypress trees and charming homes on the riviera (French, Italian..), beautifully old architecture, style galore, and of course the old world feel that only lurks in certain places in the world.

So, since I’m not traveling around the Italian or French countryside anytime soon, instead I’m planning a European inspired wedding for all of you lovely brides-to-be! From the color palette (I’m thinking a very neutral beige to let the scenery do the talking), to a cypress tree lined wedding entrance, a beautiful stone reception venue, and a simple yet elegant table setting (in the outdoors)…these are the perfect fixtures to a European inspired affair whether it’s actually in Europe (I’m thinking some fabulous, bucolic countryside set amid rolling hills and vineyards… sigh) or maybe it’s just in your own backyard (or hometown).  But if you are looking to infuse a bit of Europe into your big day, some inspiration to begin your planning…


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Brick Wedding Accents

I love using different textures or patterns to make elements of your wedding stand out, and one of the best backdrops for anything (a photo shoot, a reception, a dessert bar, random wedding decor…) you name it, brick is perfect!

The colors of your brick accents can vary so make sure when choosing your venue, or a quiet brick wall for some artsy wedding photos, that you pick the right shade of brick.. trust me, you don’t want your fire engine red bridesmaids dresses clashing terribly with your deep red, purple brick backdrop! For a neutral look, the white washed and rustic brick (like those below) seem to work well with most colors! Choose a memorable wall for a wedding kiss, or a loft wedding venue with exposed brick that you can dress up as much as you’d like. Or if you only have one brick wall or limited space, make the most of it and add something special to your reception like this display of fun photos below! Believe it or not, there are endless ways to add character to your special day and accenting different wedding elements with brick is a perfect start!


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Destination Newport, Rhode Island

Today we’re dreaming up the perfect wedding ideas for your destination wedding in Newport, Rhode Island! It’s no secret why this tiny island draws in crowds of tourists and vacation home owners every summer; there is so much to do, see, and enjoy in Newport which means it’s a perfect destination wedding location!

Today we wanted to emphasize the big details to make sure your Newport wedding is done right… that means the biggest wedding checklist items… reception location, and the dress!! Keeping in mind that we are in Newport, RI, there is probably going to be a strong emphasis on the history, the water, and of course the mansions! For the wedding dress, this Augusta Jones gown is so simple and beautiful. The satin fabric is reminiscent of a more traditional dress, and pairing it with this lace bolero makes it even more glamorous. In a dress like this, the bride could have easily fit into the receptions I imagine being held in the early 20th century! And the reception… this has to be chosen carefully with such a wonderful and historic destination like Newport. To combine the water and the mansions, the perfect blend is to set up beautiful tables (like the white one below) on the lawn of the mansion reception location that you choose, use a tent to transition from the formal reception onto the grass (see below), but still hold your dinner and dancing inside in a very elegant open space like this one (also below). Picking the perfect reception is essential for any destination wedding because it needs to combine your own tastes with the destination that you choose, so for Newport, keeping the history alive in the big wedding items is the best way to start the wedding planning process!



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