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Destination Florence

Florence, Italy (or Firenze in Italiano) is this magical, mystical gateway to Tuscany…and Tuscany is hands down one of the most scenic places in the world for a wedding. So why Florence and not Tuscany? Well, don’t get me wrong, Florence has a lot going for it too! For the bride-to-be who may not be looking for countryside, Florence is pretty magical itself. From the very famous Basilica di Santa Maria (more commonly just called the Duomo), to the unforgettable Ponte Vecchio – the widely photographed bridge, and of course the cyprus trees in the city and mostly in the distance, Florence can provide a cosmopolitan backdrop for a wedding with it’s numerous churches and cathedrals for the ceremony (everyone can’t have their wedding in the Duomo after all), a fabulous array of world class dining, and many enchanted wedding venues in and around the city. So while you may not be at a traditional Tuscan home in the Chianti Wine region, a city always has so much to offer, and Florence does it just right; a perfect mix of charm and metropolis.. it’s becoming clearer now why a Florence wedding may be just right for you…


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A Castle Wedding

It doesn’t get much better as far as a fairy tale wedding than actually choosing a castle for your venue. People do it all the time (seriously), so why not you! Okay, the catch? Well the venues may not be at the castles and palaces that we hear most about, but there are certainly a fair share of castles turned wedding venues that even commoners like myself can dream of for our wedding day! So today, just some proof that your wedding really can be in a castle…


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The Wedding Palette – White on White Wedding Ideas

How could anyone find white on white boring after looking at these incredible all white wedding pictures. As if I should have to sell you on the idea of a white wedding palette, these should do most of the talking! Now normally I’m all about the pops of color here and there but if you want to choose something unique and dramatic, white on white is your color palette answer.

Don’t believe me? I imagine that aside from a white (although ivory is probably even more popular these days) wedding gown, that’s about as much white as your guests will expect at your wedding… but to make a dramatic impression, creating a monotone palette with all white will leave your guests stunned. What I love about white for a wedding day is that not only will you not see it and any other wedding you go to, but you will definitely have the wow factor that every bride is looking for. On top of this, white is so beautiful in pictures, and is the ultimate wedding statement. I chose a mix of white dresses, white reception halls, a white cathedral, white heels, a white signature drink, and plenty of ideas for white desserts… get the hint? Today is all about the white! If you aren’t sold yet… check out the ultra-glamorous white dessert table below and you will at least be sold on the desserts (white or not white…)


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Southern Wedding Charm

The south… wedding sigh. If you aren’t a southern belle yourself (don’t worry, neither am I), or even if you’ve never been to visit the charming southern United States (Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana) then you may not fully appreciate what comes with a southern wedding. But…I assure you that once you visit you will fall in love! From the beautiful old, and stately homes (and reception locations) like the Hay House (below) in Macon, Georgia, to the colors that evoke that southern feel (I’m thinking warm grey and peach tones for everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the table setting and the color palette in general), to that perfect southern reception complete with rich interiors, china place settings and elaborate decor, today we are going all out for some classic “southern charm” wedding ideas and inspiration! Surely to bring out the southern belle in all of us…


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To The Golf Course

Today I am SO excited for my very first golf course wedding ceremony and reception to celebrate two very special people! While I’ll be enjoying an amazing wedding tonight, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate in the meantime other than to write about it!

When I think of “the summer wedding”, the golf course is at least on my top 5 list of settings! It doesn’t get much better than a ceremony and reception overlooking beautiful greenery, calm countryside, and of course a few golfers here and there! A golf course can provide such a scenic backdrop that although you will still want to pick out all of the perfect details, you know that the scenery will do most of the talking! While you may not want to go overboard with the golf theme, it could be fun and fitting to incorporate golf into your day a bit (ideas below). As for the color palette, some may disagree but I am obsessed with the mix of green on green. A sage green is perfect to provide the much needed contrast but not be too much of a pop that everyone is watching the maids and not enjoying the scenery! With a balance of the right palette and fun themed details, your summer wedding on the golf course will be a big hit with your guests!!


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