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To the Plantation

We’re heading south today for some lovely ideas for your plantation wedding. If you’re from the south then you probably know how perfect an old plantation makes for a wedding venue, but if you’re not, then we’re showing you just how romantic of a reception a plantation can make.

There are so many beautiful venues to choose from when you venture south of the Mason-Dixon line but today, I’ve found a few of my own favorites! These are all real wedding venues that brides like me and you get married at everyday… and so our plantation crushes are the Nottoway Plantation (third photo), Oak Alley Plantation (eighth photo), and the Carnton Plantation (fifth and seventh photos) plus a few others mixed in between! Enjoy…


Credits: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Pinterest, Elizabeth Ray PhotographyPremier Wed, A Bryan Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Nottoway Plantation

Into the Library

Somehow recently I’ve found myself falling in love with the idea of a romantic, dark, mysterious…. library wedding reception! Seriously, these are to die for not only if you are a book lover (I am far from it) but if your a lover of the old world style and charm that way too many weddings these days are without. When it comes to a “library-inspired” venue, it’s the feeling of being in an old mansion or back in the 1940s that I think of, and the mystery around the style and atmosphere is what gets me with all of these library inspired beauties…

So here’s to a Friday of wedding planning in the darkest, most mysterious ways.. the library inspired venue :)


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Trend Alert: Chic Outdoor Cocktail Lounge

Here in New York, we’ve had a beautiful weekend of weather, and with yesterday hitting the 70 degree mark, I can’t help but start planning all of your outdoor spring and summer weddings!

I love the idea of an outdoor cocktail lounge for the cocktail hour; this would actually be the main reason for me wanting to have a wedding in the spring or summer (and I am not a summer wedding fanatic). But the idea of a chic and stylish outdoor cocktail lounge complete with pretty colored pillows (that match your wedding colors – second photo below), sheek couches with clean lines (third photo), vintage shabby chic sofas and tables (seventh photo), or “modern Victorian” accent pieces (last photo) tickles my fancy; and should tickle yours too because these are all fun, creative, and relatively easy ways to make your wedding stand out and make a lot of people’s favorite part (the cocktail hour) shine!


Credits: The Knot, Strictly Weddings, Tiago Sousa, Style Me PrettyPinterest via 100 Layer CakeStyle Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Style Me PrettyLandlocked Bride

A White Wedding Venue?

We all spend a lot of time imagining our future homes with white picket fences but when it comes to wedding planning, white reception venues are left in the dust for beautiful mansions, magnificent beaches and regal resorts. So what happened to the white wedding venue?

While you ponder that one, some inspiration today with a few truly lovely white wedding venues; beautiful old homes that serve as perfect choices, quaint backyards for a summer wedding, or even a little white gazebo, just right for an indoor/outdoor affair. So while I also love mansions, beaches, cities, hotels and resorts, it’s nice to see a beautiful white house as the center of the gorgeous wedding day.. even just once in a while


Credits: Elizabeth Anne Designs via PinterestNoe Hill, Trent Bailey Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Ron Parks Photography, Clermont State Historic Site, Google

Into the Heartland (Country Style)

We’re venturing into the heartland today for some down home country wedding inspiration! When I think of “country” I’m imagining a fabulously rustic red barn reception venue, decor in the form of trucks and tractors, boots, boots, boots and lots of red!! Though I’m not really sure why red comes to mind, it just seems to work, at least for my inspiration!

So if I was planning my own country wedding, this is exactly what it would look like! Today we have a little bit of everything country, from the reds, to the vehicles, the backdrops and the shoes. Starting from the top, mix and match bridesmaids dresses seem only appropriate for a country hoedown and a rusted red background brings out the mild colors making them country-esque (first photo below)! As I may have already mentioned, boots are a must, and these red boots are amazing (third photo)! Who wouldn’t want to hide those under the dress! From the boots to the wedding car… I mean truck? Yes that’s right, it’s a pick-up truck today, because there’s no need for romantic when you can have country! The groomsmen are going with a khaki and the decor and barn wedding venue keep with the red country theme, both outdoors or indoors work (or a little of both) as long as they evoke the feelings of being in the country! So there you have it, into the heartland we go for one of my favorite wedding themes… the beautiful country!


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