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Off the Beaten Path: Avant-Garde Hats

I absolutely love wedding hats and desperately wish this was a trend that more people across the pond picked up on once upon a time! Steeped in tradition, the wedding hat is customary for some cultures around the world, so why not go all artsy today with the avant-garde hat!

Avant-garde is always one of my favorite off the beaten path ideas because for the gutsy bride this can work so well! While you may not be able to control what your guests are wearing, a hat is a wonderfully fun way to accessorize yours or your bridesmaids dresses! So while avant-garde may be extreme, these hats are meant to inspire our brides-to-be to think outside of the box on the accessory front, finding new ways to invent the traditional wedding hat!



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Destination London

Believe it or not, even before the big royal wedding (yes, we’re officially celebrating the one year anniversary today) London has been home to many weddings. So if you aren’t living in the UK, and want to create your own royal inspired day then I would suggest you start planning, pack your bags and book your venue. London here we come…

Aside from the royalty, the history, and now the Olympics, London in it’s own right is a destination. So why not make it yours… for the wedding of course! Now because most likely you aren’t Kate Middleton, I’ve toned down these London wedding picks a bit (think an unnamed church, not Westminster… and a more subdued reception venue.. as opposed to Buckingham Palace of course). But even with your more down to earth version of a London celebration, there is plenty to choose from to make it perfect!

To start, you must of course delve into London’s world of high fashion with your bridal gown pick. My favorite? This Temperley London “Grace” gown (below)! As for the rest of the wedding fashion, red seems like the perfect regal color for the bridesmaids, and of course a headpiece is a must. And for the basics? A simple church like Christ Church in Spitalfields (below), and a classic venue (the Carlton Club or the William Kent House, also below, both fit the bill). Finally, make sure to add touches that remind you and your guests that you’re in London… like picking London-specific photo opportunities, and dazzling guests with fun save the dates and invitations…  Cheers!


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For the Hat Lover

The wedding hat… I should stop my writing here and let the pictures do the talking…

But how can I resist a bit of commentary on a subject that I have been desperately wanting to write post after post about! Really though, I am dying over wedding hats! I talk a lot about wedding accessories and how important it is to find the little ways to accessorize the big day, but the hat is the ultimate in accessories! Not only is it clothing, but it is fashion AND art! Think back a year to some of the hats made famous after the royal wedding; they are fine pieces of art and I can think of no better way to express yourself at a wedding (as the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride or a guest) with the perfect hat.

So today, since I couldn’t post 100 hats, I wanted to emphasize more of the “mainstream” hat instead of the artsier pieces (that I am equally obsessed with). So for the more faint of heart, don’t worry there will be no Princess Eugenie or Beatrice creations today (but they will be coming soon!) Enjoy these elegant and more traditional selections for now…

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