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Winter Wedding Boutonniere Love

With my favorite season practically knocking the door down I get more excited everyday for tons of fabulously pretty winter wedding ideas. We already kicked off the winter season here a few weeks ago with a winter post here and there but when I heard Christmas music today in the drug store I practically died and went to winter wedding blogging heaven! So with one of my all-time favorite underused wedding topics, decisions, and unfortunately yes, blog posts too, I present lots of love for winter wedding boutonniere picks for your handsome groom and of course his dashing groomsmen.

So without too much blabbing on and on today, I’ll leave it to you visual lovers out there to just enjoy what you can do with the winter wedding floral palette. There are endless options and no it doesn’t have to be all red or green (although I’m definitely not opposed to the awesome red berries (first, third, last photos), or on the topic of berries, blueberries can work as well (ninth photo) but what I love most about the winter wedding boutonniere is that it’s a lovely way to express a little creativity for the groom and his men while adding a hint of winter charm without going overboard…


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Khaki Crazy (Groomsmen Suits)

Well here at One to Wed, we are well past due for a post devoted to our grooms! So today, we’re hoping to overcompensate for the lack of groom-related fashion, discussion and everything groom pretty with one of our favorite ideas for the groom and groomsmen that is just in time for the end of summer.. the khaki suit!

We know you will love this too even if you were always set on The Classic Tux because this style is perfect for the spring, summer, or fall, plus it’s casual, relaxed, and ultra trendy. And my final gush factor; the groomsmen always look SO good… trust me, you cannot go wrong with khaki.

So for today, just some inspiration because we realize there are too many khaki styles and combinations to go through one by one. We’re hoping one of these will catch your eye and capture your wedding style!


Credits: Indulgy via Kate Botwinski Blog, The Lane, It’s A Bride’s Life, I Love Southern Weddings Magazine, Style Me Pretty

The Classic Wedding Tux

The classic tuxedo… well not quite today but close. To prevent boredom from the same tuxedo over and over, we’re spicing things up with a few different variations because they are all equally fun and fitting for a wedding depending on your groom of course!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the tuxedo market is far easier to navigate than the wedding dress market but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many options for the groom. From bow tie to buttons and even a black on black (not quite tuxedo but close enough…see below) there are plenty of options to fit the man of the hour. But there weren’t always options. So where did the classic tuxedo begin… it all comes back to British royalty as usual, but this time the trendsetter was King Edward the VII. Well before there was the tuxedo there was (and still is the tailcoat) and the normal (casual) suit for those outdoorsy type things that royals and others used to do back in the 19th century. So the fashion buffs of the 1860s decided to combine the tailcoat fabric with the casual jacket making the tuxedo jacket. And thanks to the trendsetting King who took to the style, the tuxedo fashion was born. Now of course it eventually made its way out of England and some 150 years later, though it may not be the traditional groom’s attire in all parts of the world, it certainly is in some. So today, here’s to the tux!


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Bermuda Fashion 101: The Shorts

We’ve all heard of Bermuda shorts right? I’m imagining the pale pink or pretty light blue, perfectly hemmed and tailored to fit items sold at the likes of J Crew and Vineyard Vines storefronts. Authentic? Not so much…

Bermuda shorts are actually really spectacular (not tacky) when worn correctly and where do you think the name came from… Bermuda of course! Before popular chain stores were creating a fashion phenomenon of the Bermuda short, men of Bermuda were wearing them around the island for anything from work, to everyday, to yes, you knew I was going here… weddings!

If you are planning a wedding in Bermuda, do not underestimate how incredible a statement your soon to be groom (and his friends) could make with a bit of the old school Bermudian fashion sense. And here are the pictures to prove it. In Bermuda, I’m thinking that a wedding would not be complete without “the Bermuda short”…


Credits: Amanda Temple Photography, Sacha Blackburne Photography, Sacha Blackburne Photography

A Portrait of the… Groom!

The groom?

That’s it, we are celebrating the groom today! Unfortunately a lot of the time the groom and the mens “fashion” choices are vastly overlooked in terms of wedding planning so today I wanted to highlight some amazing color, suit, and tuxedo choices that I’ve found. Regardless of the season for your wedding there are so many great colors that can be used as part of the big day, including of course, for the groom and groomsmen.

I picked a very wide selection of my favorites (and found it hard to narrow them down). The main thing that stood out is just how important the boutonniere can be… there are some incredible ones in this collection that can really “make” the suit!



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