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Christmas Countdown: The Reds and the Greens

On the 8th day of Christmas, we’re full of the seasonal spirit and some of my favorite (Christmas wedding) things. Like what? Well keeping with only the true Christmas colors today – red and green, we are creating a visual wedding full of Christmas must-haves for any celebration. From the flowers (first and eighth photos), to the fashion (check out these fabulous rain boots for a warm and maybe rainy Christmas wedding – third photo), the food (sorry… I did it again – macarons… second and seventh photos) the paper (fifth and ninth photos), and the details…an adorable red and green ring bearer pillow (forth photo).

Here’s to the fun reds and the trendy greens for some of our favorite Christmas wedding ideas…


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Christmas Countdown: A Green Christmas Wedding

Our very first Christmas countdown is officially here and I have to admit, I’ve been beside myself with excitement over our 17 days of fabulous Christmas everything wedding related ideas! To kick if off I had to pick a traditional palette, and while I was tempted by the idea of something red I wanted to make a bit more of a statement (don’t we see way too many red Christmas weddings anyway)… so this is it, the green Christmas wedding palette.

Let’s be honest, who does green for Christmas. But this is the problem because green can be lots of different things at a wedding… glam, vintage, modern. The issue is that it’s completely underused which is why I thought it was fitting for our Christmas countdown kick-off! So today is a green Christmas from the bouquet (first photo) and dress (forth photo), to the decorated tree at your reception (second and fifth photos), the jewels (third and sixth photos), the invites (seventh photo), the cake (eighth photo), and last but not least the ring bearer pillow (twelfth photo)… green Christmas wedding ideas galore. On the 17th day of Christmas… green it is. 16 more Christmas wedding ideas to go…


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The Wedding Palette – Shades of Green

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m devoting all my energy to the color green today! It’s not every year that St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on a Saturday so I can only imagine how many green themes/palettes/accessories will be used to celebrate in the wedding world! Green is such an underused color it terms of, well, everything! Aside from nature, green is always overshadowed but today (and tomorrow) it takes front and center. There are so many lovely shades of green (think forest, kelly, lime, pond, hunter, jungle… you get the hint) so what better way to honor the man himself (Saint Patrick that is) than to highlight an entirely green wedding palette! When there are so many shades of green to choose from, and they blend so effortlessly together, there is really no need for any other colors (except maybe white for the bride…)

So as for the below, we’re sticking to anything and everything green with this satin bridesmaids dress which is simple and glamorous, four different bouquets (yes four… they were too special to choose only one so you can get creative and vary the shades you are using for each of your bridesmaids), two incredible table settings (in different shades of green of course), some (hopefully inspirational) ideas for a “green” ceremony and reception… these ivy colored spaces serve as incredible locations for a unique ceremony and traditional but awesome reception. And to top it off? Dessert of course! I’m bypassing the urge for an entirely green cake here so instead we’ll just add a bit of green as a dessert accessory on top of the cake…

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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