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Meant to “Bee”… Honey Wedding Favors

In terms of wedding expressions, “meant to be” is up there at the top of the most used (or overused..) Think, “oh those two are just meant to be” or “they were always meant to be even when they didn’t know it”… use your imagination, I’m sure you’ve heard them all before!

Not to say this isn’t a nice expression (it is), but aside from hearing it over and over on your wedding day, why not humor it. For what? The favors of course.

The favors… not to be overlooked, favors can be so fun! Plus they are a nice little treat for your guests. So if you aren’t into the DIY craze, nor do you want to spend a fortune, why not make it simple and sweet… with honey of course! Little jars of honey are perfect for a Spring wedding plus they taste delicious and are unique for your guests to take home and remember.

All of these little honey jars and tags are from Etsy which is the perfect place to find favors (or anything)! There are endless shapes, sizes, and mason jars full of this sweet treat that will really guarantee a creative use of the term “meant to bee


Credits: Etsy