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A Winter Wedding (Dessert) Feast

Today is all about the foods, drinks, and desserts that we love to see at weddings (albeit winter weddings). While you can skip the full Venetian dessert room (let’s face it, it’s not worth it), I’d wholeheartedly recommend not skimping on desserts and other related goodies… I promise, these are the things your wedding guests remember!

On our winter goodies list today…drinks + desserts. Delicious hot drinks are perfect for your “signature drink”. Like what? Try hot buttered rum (yumm – first photo), hot chocolate (third photo), or s’mores in a glass (eighth photo)… works perfectly for an after dinner/before dessert drink. On the dessert side, truffles make for a fun winteresque option (second and seventh photo), or cupcakes…decorate with pretty white lace to make them feel more wintry (fifth photo). For an alternative to the traditional (and massive) wedding cake, try mini rum cakes – a personal favorite (sixth photo), or for a fun twist… meringue pudding anyone (last photo)?


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Christmas Countdown: DIY Christmas Favors

On the seventh day of Christmas, aside from some swans-a-swimming there were some fun, easy, and personalized ways to spice up your Christmas wedding favors…DIY style Christmas cookies!

You don’t have to be a master chef for this (trust me, I’m far from it)…although being a half decent baker or semi-crafty in general doesn’t hurt! But even if you are none of the above, you can pull this one off!

So one of my very favorite ideas for any wedding is to DIY on the favor front! This goes for any season but I just can’t help myself especially for Christmas weddings to feel the need to put a personal touch on a special day. You may not think you’ll have the time…but find it because this is a de-stressing activity perfect to take your mind off all the other wedding crazies! I’d recommend obviously not choosing more than one type of cookie here…I realize you won’t have that much time…so pick your favorite to either serve your guests for an after dinner but before dessert surprise or for your favors! You can package these yourself using cute plastic bags, throwing a tables worth in adorably red and sparkly take out boxes (see below) or just keep them on a plate for each table to grab on the way out! The possibilities are endless!

I made all of these cookies (and more!) in one weekend with a little bit of help from my family.. but they are all from scratch and came out beautifully which is why for the seventh day of Christmas I wanted you all to have some faith in your own DIY Christmas cookie skills and indulge in these fun favors…if I could do it, so can you!!

For the inspired…our recipes came from all different places (see bottom of post for links!)


Chocolate & Peppermint Chip Cookies – Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
Sugar Cookies – Betty Crocker
Gingerbread Cookies – Passed down and down! Email us for a copy!
Shortbread Cookies – Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe
Pecan Shortbread – Pudge Factor
Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies – Bakers Royale
Chocolate Cherry Cordials – Dash Recipes

Credits: My own photos

Yummm…Tasty Wedding Dessert Favors

Ahhh… I am SO excited for today’s tasty (and DIY) post for our lovely, crafty brides on the yummiest wedding dessert favors to dazzle your guests and leave them with a pleasant taste in their mouths (literally!)

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, but these days favors are dead….and it is a terrible thing!! Why does no one celebrate the wonderfulness of the wedding favor! These are essentials for a fabulous wedding, and the last thing that your guests will take away from your big day… so make them special! And today special = yummy/DIY! I have a running list of my own favorite favors but I wanted to cover the tastiest bases today and some easy dessert favors that you can make yourself!

First off, for a rustic, outdoor wedding I love a twist on the chocolate chip cookie…cookies AND milk (second photo)! This is such a fun idea and your guests can pick and choose what they want here. All you need for this one is a tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe, and clear mini bottles to fill up with some chocolate milk! But if you don’t like chocolate milk, just the cookies still make a perfect treat for a rustic affair (fifth photo)

Next up…the cupcake (forth photo)! This is a fun idea for a fall or spring wedding. Yes I know we’re not all pastry chefs but honestly, cupcakes aren’t that hard! And if you want to cheat and start with a mix… I’m okay with that for this one :) Focus on a pretty presentation and your guests will love this idea.

Third we’ve got dainty cakes that are a must for an elegant wedding. These cakes (first  photo) may be a little bit of a stretch in terms of all of our baking capabilities, but I couldn’t resist because they looked so beautiful and delicious! But mini cakes in general are doable for the average bride-baker; there are plenty of recipes that are easy but come out looking as good as bought!

Finally, I can never resist the donut. For my final wedding dessert favor pick, I am loving the donut holes. These are SO easy to make.. literally I made them this weekend and I promise anyone can do it, and they seem so creative and impressive! So two different styles… for a modern wedding, I love the donut kebab (third photo)… all you need for this is kebab sticks; you can just line your homemade donut holes one by one to create your dessert kebab. This is a fabulous idea for our trendy brides! More traditionally, I’m also not opposed to a stack of tasty donut holes (last photo)! This is best for a summer backyard wedding…completely down to earth and super fun.

So that’s it… my four favorite types of tasty wedding dessert favors.. easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect for your guests!


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Fall Eats (For the Wedding Favor)

As I prepare for my annual trip to the pumpkin patch, I can’t help going googly-eyed over some delicious fall treats that can so easily be transformed into tasty wedding favors! So for your fall wedding this year skip the pumpkin picking and go straight to the fall DIY wedding favor preparations!

What I love about fall wedding favors (aside from being delicious) is that you can go in a lot of different directions, and today I’m hoping to get all the fall wedding favor ideas flowing. So for the traditional route, the caramel’d and candied fruits (think caramel apples and pears…yes, try them!), for the healthy route, jars of apricot jam (sixth photo), and for trendy route, the fabulous donut (first and last photos). The beauty of the fall wedding favor is that even if you’re not planning your own wedding (or going to one), there is always a fall farm down the road (at least here in New York) for some pumpkin picking, apple (and donut eating) and all around fall deliciousness…wedding or not!


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The Perfect Wedding Favor? Wine…

Well since the weekend is quickly approaching I figured it was okay to at least start talking wine (if not already breaking out the happy hour!) I haven’t done much on favors yet I LOVE them and think they are SO important to creating a fabulous wedding. Seriously, favors make a difference and the beauty of it is that they can be as creative but also budget or DIY-friendly as you wish! Now obviously I’m not expecting you to be out harvesting the grapes but there are plenty of fun ways to personalize wine bottles and “make them your own”. Also, for the budget-savvy brides, if you are looking for a smaller budget favor, mini-wine bottles are honestly precious!

But today, for inspiration purposes, I’m sticking with the full size wine favor. Now I think it’s appropriate to just offer a bottle per party if you’re going with this approach. It’s a little unnecessary to have literally a full bottle of wine for every single guest; people know this is a quality favor!! I also prefer this idea for a more intimate wedding. If you’re having 250+ guests and your mom’s, cousins wife’s daughter will be there who you met once 20 years ago… spare the wine for your own after party! Wine favors are classy and personal which is why they’re meant for small weddings! Now my favorite part of the wine wedding favor is the customization! Of course if you have a favorite wine this is perfect to show a bit about you and your fiancé as a couple but if not, pick a nice wine and put a bit of yourself into the outer design… meaning what? Call it corny but I think labels with your initials or your names or really whatever you both want are adorable and perfect to make an impression. Labels can be made so cheaply or if you are a DIY bride then you can make them yourself! There are of course other ways to dress up the wine wedding favor so I’ll leave the real creativity to you but I’m hoping this is at least a good starting point for the perfect bottle of wine (for the guests) on your wedding day…


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