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A European Inspired Affair

Lately I’ve been craving the European touch, so what better way to dream of Europe than to put together some European wedding inspiration!  I’m not being biased to any of my favorite countries this time; we’re calling this “European inspired” because there are certain things that are universal when we think of Europe… ivy covered stone villas, rolling hills and green valleys, cypress trees and charming homes on the riviera (French, Italian..), beautifully old architecture, style galore, and of course the old world feel that only lurks in certain places in the world.

So, since I’m not traveling around the Italian or French countryside anytime soon, instead I’m planning a European inspired wedding for all of you lovely brides-to-be! From the color palette (I’m thinking a very neutral beige to let the scenery do the talking), to a cypress tree lined wedding entrance, a beautiful stone reception venue, and a simple yet elegant table setting (in the outdoors)…these are the perfect fixtures to a European inspired affair whether it’s actually in Europe (I’m thinking some fabulous, bucolic countryside set amid rolling hills and vineyards… sigh) or maybe it’s just in your own backyard (or hometown).  But if you are looking to infuse a bit of Europe into your big day, some inspiration to begin your planning…


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Destination Lake Como

Lake Como… nestled just east of the small city Swiss city of Lugano, and possibly most well known for it’s famous homeowner, George Clooney, Lake Como is so much more than just a few towns scattered along the lake. The beauty, the peacefulness and the romance of this special place is hard to escape while cruising down the river, or strolling the promenade in Bellagio, the little town known as “the pearl of the lake”. But for all it’s worth, Lake Como really can’t be only described in these pictures (and destination wedding ideas), but it’s best to see it for yourself to really believe how magical it is.

So…dreaming of a Lake Como wedding? I hope so!! Given the overall tranquility of lake, it feels only right to keep the colors and overall choices neutral and soothing. I love this Ivy & Astor gown; for a bridal gown choice, it is perfect for a wedding here! The fabric and the flow of the dress are both so natural and the simple lines leave the intricate details to your surroundings. I love the idea of a neutral bridesmaids dress too.. like the one below, keeping with the theme of soft colors. These whimsical heels (below) and vintage inspired hair comb are simple accessories to dazzle your wedding.. And for this destination, not to be overlooked is the venue and overall scenery! Your photos will be near perfection without even trying with the backdrop of the hills and forest on the lake, and houses spotted here and there. As for the venue, for pure wow-factor, how about the Villa Balbianello (first photo), or for a bigger crowd, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo (also below). With just a bit of planning, not much could possibly go wrong for a destination wedding location as incredible as Lake Como…


Credits:  My own photo of la Villa Balbianello, Etsy, My own photo of Lake Como, The Dress Shop, Ivy & Aster – Anemone, My own photo of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, My own photo of Bellagio, Singing is Deceiving, My own photo of Lake Como, Italy

Destination London

Believe it or not, even before the big royal wedding (yes, we’re officially celebrating the one year anniversary today) London has been home to many weddings. So if you aren’t living in the UK, and want to create your own royal inspired day then I would suggest you start planning, pack your bags and book your venue. London here we come…

Aside from the royalty, the history, and now the Olympics, London in it’s own right is a destination. So why not make it yours… for the wedding of course! Now because most likely you aren’t Kate Middleton, I’ve toned down these London wedding picks a bit (think an unnamed church, not Westminster… and a more subdued reception venue.. as opposed to Buckingham Palace of course). But even with your more down to earth version of a London celebration, there is plenty to choose from to make it perfect!

To start, you must of course delve into London’s world of high fashion with your bridal gown pick. My favorite? This Temperley London “Grace” gown (below)! As for the rest of the wedding fashion, red seems like the perfect regal color for the bridesmaids, and of course a headpiece is a must. And for the basics? A simple church like Christ Church in Spitalfields (below), and a classic venue (the Carlton Club or the William Kent House, also below, both fit the bill). Finally, make sure to add touches that remind you and your guests that you’re in London… like picking London-specific photo opportunities, and dazzling guests with fun save the dates and invitations…  Cheers!


Credits:  Notting Hill Girl, Rock My Wedding, PinterestChrist Church in SpitalfieldsTemperley London, My Wedding Dream, Skyscrapper Page, Carlton Club, My own photo

A Tuscan Inspired Affair

Tuscany…sigh. Should I repeat myself?

Tuscany… sigh… Really though, Tuscany is worthy of two sighs and I can’t think of a more magical wedding than one here. The romance, beauty and grandeur that Tuscany exudes is breathtaking and you really couldn’t find a more scenic spot for your wedding than the rolling hills of the Chianti wine country in central Italy.

So what if you weren’t planning on a destination wedding? Well I wasn’t expecting you to book a flight straight to Florence so instead, you can always find the perfect elements to make your wedding at home feel as though you’ve been transported to Italy. How so you may ask? There are plenty of vineyards that aren’t quite so well known as those here in Tuscany; places that you would never expect but can offer such a remarkable backdrop for your Tuscan inspired wedding. I love the idea of hosting the reception at a “Tuscany-esque” villa like the one below (which happens to be nestled just outside of Montepulciano, Italy). This villa, Poggio Piglia, is a remarkable guest house in southeast Tuscany and the most perfect inspiration for your reception pick. Large stone buildings surrounded by lush landscape defines Tuscany and could be surprisingly easy to find here in your backyard. Use décor to emphasize the Tuscan atmosphere (see table setting below); the use of crisp white linen paired with romantic gold chairs and a chandelier brings the elegance of Tuscany to your very own table. Finally don’t underestimate your fashion choices. Black is the perfect color for the wedding party; both sleek and romantic it exudes the Italian passion. An exquisite lace wedding dress like the one below from Justin Alexander is romantic and whimsical and will transport you to your very own Tuscan destination wedding (in the backyard of course…)


Credits: my own photo of Poggio Piglia, Style Me PrettyPinterest, Justin Alexander, my own photo of Chianti wine country, Belsoie by Jasmine, Martha Stewart Weddings, my own photo of a vineyard in Chiani, Tuscany

Dreaming of a wedding in Paris…

Need inspiration for the perfect destination wedding? You’ve probably already gone through the list of options. Ever think about Paris?

After an inspiring trip to Paris myself, I can think of no better, more romantic city to have as your wedding destination. From the scenery and sites, to the incredible churches (think Notre Dame), the elegant architecture, and of course the fashion, Paris offers everything you could want for a destination wedding and more (except maybe a beach, the ocean and some palm trees).

So today I’m picking a few of my favorites for your destination wedding. I love the idea of a midnight blue based palette. The color exudes both chic and grace and seems to just scream “Paris”! I LOVE these blue dresses for the bridesmaids; they are stylish but not over the top; perfect to complement our bridal pick. Speaking of over the top, the wedding gown may be a bit much, but hey, it’s Paris! To accessorize the dress, I’m throwing in some glitter; if you look closely there is even a little sparkle in the dress already.

Moving on, I am dying to be at a reception at this incredible “palace”. The gold is royal and decadent and I’m imagining out the window I’ll be seeing all of these sites of Paris…

But of all things I love most about Paris, my favorite? The colorful macaroons of course!  Enjoy..



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