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Destination Venice

Oh, hello Venice! How beautiful are you for a destination wedding! Today we’re taking it way beyond vacation or even honeymoon because we’re going straight to Venice for inspiration on your destination wedding celebration!

So I can’t actually put into words how incredibly “cool” Venice is. Okay so it may be sinking into the lagoon but seriously who cares.. when you’re there it feels like you’ve been transported to this other worldly city in a Hollywood movie. Don’t believe me? I’m not kidding, this little city in the middle of the water is so unique that it sometimes doesn’t even feel real. And that is what makes this one of my favorite destination wedding ideas! So what does Venice offer you? Well I’m aiming to seduce you with these gorgeous pictures but I promise that it offers so much more than just this! To get you started begin imagining…. from the gondolas as your wedding car, to the incredible churches (check out the San Giorgio dei Greci Church below), to the perfect backdrop for photos galore, Venice offers an escape to the normal wedding planning and even an escape from the normal destination wedding choices…


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Destination Florence

Florence, Italy (or Firenze in Italiano) is this magical, mystical gateway to Tuscany…and Tuscany is hands down one of the most scenic places in the world for a wedding. So why Florence and not Tuscany? Well, don’t get me wrong, Florence has a lot going for it too! For the bride-to-be who may not be looking for countryside, Florence is pretty magical itself. From the very famous Basilica di Santa Maria (more commonly just called the Duomo), to the unforgettable Ponte Vecchio – the widely photographed bridge, and of course the cyprus trees in the city and mostly in the distance, Florence can provide a cosmopolitan backdrop for a wedding with it’s numerous churches and cathedrals for the ceremony (everyone can’t have their wedding in the Duomo after all), a fabulous array of world class dining, and many enchanted wedding venues in and around the city. So while you may not be at a traditional Tuscan home in the Chianti Wine region, a city always has so much to offer, and Florence does it just right; a perfect mix of charm and metropolis.. it’s becoming clearer now why a Florence wedding may be just right for you…


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Ooh La La – French Country Wedding Style

We’re ending the week in style today with our very own French country wedding ideas. Headed straight to the heart of the French countryside, it’s all about Provence which means a lot of light blues and greens, beautiful reception venues (I am mildly obsessed with Le Mas des Comtes de Provence – last photo below), and little towns like St Remy (see below) which is basically perfection.

As far as destinations go, the Provence region of France basks in beauty, history, and seduces anyone who visits it, so understandably it provides one of the most scenic backdrops for a wedding. If you are even considering a destination wedding, you must consider this incredible region; I swear, you will not be disappointed! And if you are only looking for some inspiration for your own wedding at home, then you have come to the right place, because unfortunately, we’re not really going to France today, but we are hoping to inspire with ideas and photos! So although you may not be able to pick a town exactly like little St Remy steeped in traditional architecture and style, there are plenty of French inspired venues around, I promise – if you look hard enough you can find one! I love the light blues and greens for everything from your table setting to your shoes to evoke the French feel, and obviously don’t forget about the macaroons! With a little imagination and creativity you can make a French inspired reception at home (or you can just keep Provence in mind for a real destination wedding…)


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A Castle Wedding

It doesn’t get much better as far as a fairy tale wedding than actually choosing a castle for your venue. People do it all the time (seriously), so why not you! Okay, the catch? Well the venues may not be at the castles and palaces that we hear most about, but there are certainly a fair share of castles turned wedding venues that even commoners like myself can dream of for our wedding day! So today, just some proof that your wedding really can be in a castle…


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Destination Seville, Spain

Having lived in Seville for a few months it’s hard for me to stay unbiased toward how amazing of a destination wedding location this little city in the south of Spain would be. First off, if you’ve never visited, it’s well overdue that you make plans. Secondly, if you are planning a destination wedding, like the European atmosphere, warm weather and palm trees, and a small eclectic city vibe, than Seville is your city!

Really though, Seville is such a great city and a perfectly fun and different place to host a wedding. For me, I couldn’t resist going with the Hotel Alfonso XIII for the reception. This hotel is in the heart of the city, has the classic Spanish architecture and atmosphere, and is beautiful inside and out (photos below). Once you’ve picked the reception location, it’s time for the details. For a wedding in the heart of Spain, unless you absolutely hate yellows and blues, these MUST be incorporated into your palette. Think mosaic tile, vibrant colors and you’re most likely thinking about Spain, so there isn’t anything more fitting than a color palette that tells a story about your wedding location. I love the idea of incorporating golds into the palette too like in the wedding cake below. This color combination for the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and even little things like the brides heels tie in the themes of the city and country with your own special day!


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