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Dress of the Week – Val Stefani

Hello Wednesday, lovelies! It’s that time of the week… our favorite dress day. This week I wanted something, dare I say, modern? Yep, modern it is and this little number by Val Stefani was just it. Everything about this dress is for the bride looking for non-tradition; from the sweetheart neckline to the fitted {and beaded} bodice, right down to the layered organza skirt! A modern Wednesday it is…


Val Stefani

Credits: Val Stefani via Project Wedding

Dress of the Week – Mark Zunino

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Well I’m bubbling over with excitement for today’s amazing dress of the week by Mark Zunino! I don’t always go for the mermaid cut but there is something about this one that I can’t take my eyes off of. Which is why I’m thinking the visual is all that’s needed here…!


Mark Zunino Mermaid Sweetheart Gown

Credits: Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld

Dress of the Week – Sarah Janks

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Ahh I am SO excited about today’s dress of the week by Sarah Janks because it is so sophisticated but in an understated sexy kind of way. There aren’t many wedding dresses that pull off the plunge v-neck with grace and elegance but then pairing that with very skinny straps and a (bow) belt… that’s pure talent. But it’s the dress as a whole that blends so effortlessly from shoulders to toes making this one of my personal favorite picks of the week!


Sarah Janks

Credits: Sarah Janks via The Knot

Dress of the Week – Collette Dinnigan

Happy Wednesday! Well even into day 3 of April it’s still feeling like winter here in New York, but that’s not stopping us from choosing this beautiful (and summery) dress of the week by Collette Dinnigan. Where to start with what we love on this one.. from the top down, here we go: The intricate neckline, the embellished top, the almost not there belt, and obviously the gorgeously full tulle skirt… all of which makes this dress a perfect option for a Spring or Summer wedding (if we ever make it to Spring or Summer…)


Collette Dinnigan - Diamond Sparkles Lace Strapless Wedding Gown

Credits: Collette Dinnigan

Dress of the Week – Theia

Well as another Wednesday rolls around I was searching for something a little different for our dress of the week and I found this perfect option right under my own nose at Neiman Marcus (dress by Theia). Because who finds their wedding dress at just another go-to store! Well… that’s what makes this option special. If you’ve suddenly found yourself on an already stretched budget, one alternative to the absurdly priced, traditional wedding dress is a perfectly lovely non-traditional wedding dress. This one may have a slight metallic hint of color, which I’m not at all opposed to, but I assure you, if white is your thing, then you can find a non-traditional white one too and since your dream dress isn’t tagged to the word wedding… I guarantee, the price will be killer! And the dress gorgeous! Happy Wednesday!


Theia Metallic Lace Illusion Gown

Credits: Theia via Neiman Marcus