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India Inspired

Today it’s out with the white wedding dress and in with some wedding fashion inspired by the traditional Indian wedding. Now I am by no means an expert in Indian wedding fashion but I like to think I know when something is appealing to the eye for whatever the reason may be. For me, I am inspired by wedding fashions that aren’t just about the white wedding dress and veil. Culture, uniqueness, and colors make Indian wedding fashion so incredible…

So where to begin. Well diving into different wedding cultures that I’m not familiar with doesn’t seem fair, so instead, I’m sticking only to what appeals to the eye in terms of decoration, fashion, fabric, fit, and color. For starters, I love the decorative nature of traditional Indian fashion… this is all about the details (see below close-ups of the bride) and you can begin to appreciate and understand how the decoration helps to shape the overall look. Fashion.. better left to these pictures than my words, it’s clear that Indian inspired wedding fashion can be cutting edge glamour. The uniqueness, the customization, the way each piece fits the bride is what fashion is all about. Fabric, fit, and color.. these to me are about the overall look. The rich colors and fabrics tell a story, and the fit, so different than the traditional white dress make these saris so beautiful, romantic and inspirational.


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Destination London

Believe it or not, even before the big royal wedding (yes, we’re officially celebrating the one year anniversary today) London has been home to many weddings. So if you aren’t living in the UK, and want to create your own royal inspired day then I would suggest you start planning, pack your bags and book your venue. London here we come…

Aside from the royalty, the history, and now the Olympics, London in it’s own right is a destination. So why not make it yours… for the wedding of course! Now because most likely you aren’t Kate Middleton, I’ve toned down these London wedding picks a bit (think an unnamed church, not Westminster… and a more subdued reception venue.. as opposed to Buckingham Palace of course). But even with your more down to earth version of a London celebration, there is plenty to choose from to make it perfect!

To start, you must of course delve into London’s world of high fashion with your bridal gown pick. My favorite? This Temperley London “Grace” gown (below)! As for the rest of the wedding fashion, red seems like the perfect regal color for the bridesmaids, and of course a headpiece is a must. And for the basics? A simple church like Christ Church in Spitalfields (below), and a classic venue (the Carlton Club or the William Kent House, also below, both fit the bill). Finally, make sure to add touches that remind you and your guests that you’re in London… like picking London-specific photo opportunities, and dazzling guests with fun save the dates and invitations…  Cheers!


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Nautical Bermuda

When I used to imagine Bermuda, I would find myself dreaming of the pink sandy beaches, turquoise water, mopeds (scooters) and pastel colored homes… Isn’t that what we all know about Bermuda?

What I never thought about was all the boats!! Bermuda is filled with marinas, docks, and boats galore which means a destination wedding in Bermuda doesn’t necessarily have to mean a beach and a pink color palette. It could also mean a very fun nautical themed wedding! The best part of this idea is that although Bermuda is my inspiration for all things this week, you can create your own nautical themed wedding practically anywhere (well, where there are boats and water of course). But seeing all the beautiful marinas and peaceful sail boats in Bermuda got me thinking about how great this island would be for a non-beach wedding. Yes, I said it, a non-beach wedding in Bermuda! My colors today are all about the nautical theme which means a lot of blue inspired by the traditional nautical blue and white stripe. So first, my inspiration? I picked a few of my favorite spots that inspired this theme + all the makings to a nautical Bermuda (or anywhere) wedding extravaganza! From the dresses (I chose two long, whimsical blue dresses for the bridesmaids), to the ultra structured wedding gown, the blue bouquet, blue wedding invites (two choices), lovely sail boat place cards (really, how amazing are these!!), some inspiring fashion selections for the groom (in the form of boat shoes) and of course a decorative cake with a navy finish. This theme is simply amazing!!!




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The Western Way

For someone who has never really been to the “wild wild west”, I certainly can dream up my own version of a western wedding! It may be a little early for an outdoor wedding here on the East Coast but in America’s heartland, I’d say it’s the perfect time to grab your cowboy hat and start planning..

And the first thing on my western wedding agenda? The boots of course! Cowboy boots are the ultimate accessory; so much more than a shoe, they are the statement piece for the bride-to-be. I would even concede that it’s the dress that needs to match those boots! And to take it a step further, I love how you can accessorize your bridesmaids with the boot trend as well! And even better? How about the boot becomes your bridesmaids gift? Now they are not only the perfect accessory but also the perfect gift… I love how these blue-gray bridesmaids dresses match the boots flawlessly. The dress length is just right for an outdoor wedding and the color is so earthy, it blends in with nature. And the venue? My pick is the Vista West Ranch outside of Austin, Texas (check out the incredible ceremony set-up below). It is graceful, rustic and utterly Texan! And down to the details? Make sure you pick the perfect little things…like these invitations, the wedding cake choice, your creative outfits for the flower girl and ring bearer and the horse of course!


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A Tuscan Inspired Affair

Tuscany…sigh. Should I repeat myself?

Tuscany… sigh… Really though, Tuscany is worthy of two sighs and I can’t think of a more magical wedding than one here. The romance, beauty and grandeur that Tuscany exudes is breathtaking and you really couldn’t find a more scenic spot for your wedding than the rolling hills of the Chianti wine country in central Italy.

So what if you weren’t planning on a destination wedding? Well I wasn’t expecting you to book a flight straight to Florence so instead, you can always find the perfect elements to make your wedding at home feel as though you’ve been transported to Italy. How so you may ask? There are plenty of vineyards that aren’t quite so well known as those here in Tuscany; places that you would never expect but can offer such a remarkable backdrop for your Tuscan inspired wedding. I love the idea of hosting the reception at a “Tuscany-esque” villa like the one below (which happens to be nestled just outside of Montepulciano, Italy). This villa, Poggio Piglia, is a remarkable guest house in southeast Tuscany and the most perfect inspiration for your reception pick. Large stone buildings surrounded by lush landscape defines Tuscany and could be surprisingly easy to find here in your backyard. Use décor to emphasize the Tuscan atmosphere (see table setting below); the use of crisp white linen paired with romantic gold chairs and a chandelier brings the elegance of Tuscany to your very own table. Finally don’t underestimate your fashion choices. Black is the perfect color for the wedding party; both sleek and romantic it exudes the Italian passion. An exquisite lace wedding dress like the one below from Justin Alexander is romantic and whimsical and will transport you to your very own Tuscan destination wedding (in the backyard of course…)


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