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Ooh La La – French Country Wedding Style

We’re ending the week in style today with our very own French country wedding ideas. Headed straight to the heart of the French countryside, it’s all about Provence which means a lot of light blues and greens, beautiful reception venues (I am mildly obsessed with Le Mas des Comtes de Provence – last photo below), and little towns like St Remy (see below) which is basically perfection.

As far as destinations go, the Provence region of France basks in beauty, history, and seduces anyone who visits it, so understandably it provides one of the most scenic backdrops for a wedding. If you are even considering a destination wedding, you must consider this incredible region; I swear, you will not be disappointed! And if you are only looking for some inspiration for your own wedding at home, then you have come to the right place, because unfortunately, we’re not really going to France today, but we are hoping to inspire with ideas and photos! So although you may not be able to pick a town exactly like little St Remy steeped in traditional architecture and style, there are plenty of French inspired venues around, I promise – if you look hard enough you can find one! I love the light blues and greens for everything from your table setting to your shoes to evoke the French feel, and obviously don’t forget about the macaroons! With a little imagination and creativity you can make a French inspired reception at home (or you can just keep Provence in mind for a real destination wedding…)


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A New York Inspired Affair

New York City.. it doesn’t get much better than Manhattan (or one of the boroughs) for some wedding inspiration, and that’s just what we’ve got today. So weddings aren’t just about the actual day, there is so much that leads up to that one day, like… dress shopping! I can’t think of many better places to shop for your wedding gown than a NYC boutique, and today we found two that inspire just in pictures! It’s important to find the right bridal shop for you whether it’s big (Kleinfeld’s comes to mind), specific to one designer (we love the Modern Trousseau NYC Bridal Boutique – first photo below), or a little shop with lots of options like The White Gown Boutique in Brooklyn (second photo below). The dress shopping sets the tone for the big day, and you want only the best of options.

And so what about that big day? Well in New York, there are so many competing venues that all seem to be better than the next. From the artsy to the modern, the trendy and the traditional, it’s hard to pick only a few, so for today, two of my favorites. The Bowery Hotel on Manhattan’s lower east side (photos below), is one of the most stunning backdrops for a wedding in New York. It has a bit of everything, the old world charm, the trendy neighborhood setting, the dark crevices and the airy roof making it the ultimate in Manhattan wedding venues. Moving on out of Manhattan into Queens and to The Foundry (photo below), a 19th century antique that once served as a steel foundry. The grounds and building ooze character and the lack of decor makes this venue perfect for a bride looking to really make it her own.

And what’s a New York inspired wedding without some haute couture (if not traditional) bridesmaids choices from Christian Siriano, current NYC resident and NY fashion week darling. Though extreme, this is New York after all (photo below)!


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Destination Seville, Spain

Having lived in Seville for a few months it’s hard for me to stay unbiased toward how amazing of a destination wedding location this little city in the south of Spain would be. First off, if you’ve never visited, it’s well overdue that you make plans. Secondly, if you are planning a destination wedding, like the European atmosphere, warm weather and palm trees, and a small eclectic city vibe, than Seville is your city!

Really though, Seville is such a great city and a perfectly fun and different place to host a wedding. For me, I couldn’t resist going with the Hotel Alfonso XIII for the reception. This hotel is in the heart of the city, has the classic Spanish architecture and atmosphere, and is beautiful inside and out (photos below). Once you’ve picked the reception location, it’s time for the details. For a wedding in the heart of Spain, unless you absolutely hate yellows and blues, these MUST be incorporated into your palette. Think mosaic tile, vibrant colors and you’re most likely thinking about Spain, so there isn’t anything more fitting than a color palette that tells a story about your wedding location. I love the idea of incorporating golds into the palette too like in the wedding cake below. This color combination for the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and even little things like the brides heels tie in the themes of the city and country with your own special day!


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A Vineyard Inspired Affair

I LOVE vineyards and wine tasting and what could be better than your normal trip to your favorite vineyard…well, a vineyard wedding of course! The beauty of the vineyard wedding is that this isn’t just isolated to one or two places, there seem to be vineyards popping up all over the country and world these days making a vineyard wedding a very good possibility in your own backyard (or within driving distance) or as a destination wedding.

Between California and Long Island wineries in the United States as well as many well known and well established grape growing locations all over the world (think Italy, France, Australia, South Africa) whatever type of wedding you are looking for the world will have it! So once you’ve picked the location it’s time to busy yourself with all the details like the vineyard of choice, whether you’ll be having an outdoor or indoor reception (I hope outdoor!) From there it’s moving on to the table ideas, although here you can’t really go wrong if you’ve plopped yourself in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard. As always, never forget the little details like the best ways to incorporate the cork (please, I know it may be cliche but for a vineyard wedding you must!)  I love these place cards using cork and this fun guest sign-in “book” (photos below). And finally, among picking the wines you will all be drinking and the best ways to serve them (I love the “drink bar” below where wine bottles rest in the center of a picnic table), you can’t forget the favors!  And of course, I would suggest a bottle of wine for this one…



Credits: Style Me Pretty, Stefan Sisters Bridal, Wedding Bee, Botanica Floral DesignsPinterest via Reason to Breathe, Brides, My own photo of Wolffer Estate Vineyard – East Hampton, Inspired by This

A European Inspired Affair

Lately I’ve been craving the European touch, so what better way to dream of Europe than to put together some European wedding inspiration!  I’m not being biased to any of my favorite countries this time; we’re calling this “European inspired” because there are certain things that are universal when we think of Europe… ivy covered stone villas, rolling hills and green valleys, cypress trees and charming homes on the riviera (French, Italian..), beautifully old architecture, style galore, and of course the old world feel that only lurks in certain places in the world.

So, since I’m not traveling around the Italian or French countryside anytime soon, instead I’m planning a European inspired wedding for all of you lovely brides-to-be! From the color palette (I’m thinking a very neutral beige to let the scenery do the talking), to a cypress tree lined wedding entrance, a beautiful stone reception venue, and a simple yet elegant table setting (in the outdoors)…these are the perfect fixtures to a European inspired affair whether it’s actually in Europe (I’m thinking some fabulous, bucolic countryside set amid rolling hills and vineyards… sigh) or maybe it’s just in your own backyard (or hometown).  But if you are looking to infuse a bit of Europe into your big day, some inspiration to begin your planning…


Credits: Style Me Pretty, The Starry Eyed Bride, Style Me Pretty, My own photo – Tuscany, Italy, Stefan Sisters Bridal, Pinterest