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Destination Hawaii

Being that it’s Friday, after what seemed like a never-ending week, I wanted somewhere warm, beautiful and always lovely for my destination pick for the weekend… and that makes Hawaii the perfect choice. Today (and mostly everyday) for me it’s about delivering my own idea of a very unique day made by piecing together little parts of other fabulous real weddings, but creating a new idea by putting all of them together. I think (hope?) this is what differentiates OTW at least a little from the other tons of cool and unique wedding blogs out there. And now, I know, I’ve gone on a tangent. Back to Hawaii.

Sooo as a destination wedding, Hawaii’s location in the middle of the Pacific works perfectly for west coast Americans, Australia, New Zealand, and plenty of Asia but you know it’s that great when you get everyone else flocking to it for their big day. It’s the lush landscape, the Polynesian culture, the laid back lifestyle and those leis that make Hawaii distinctly cool. Today I wanted to incorporate vibrant colors… reds and oranges, tons of greens to draw on the natural scenery so I chose lots of wedding reception ideas outside, floral headpieces, colorful floral arrangements and a grey wardrobe color palette (just slightly obsessed with this bridesmaids dress – fifth photo, and groom suit – twelfth photo). Happy weekend!


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Destination Amalfi Coast

Today’s destination may not be an island but it’s close enough to the water, with some breathtaking scenery, ample old world charm and it’s on my personal must-go-on-vacation list like umm yesterday… While I’m still waiting for my Amalfi Coast vacation, I promise… having a taste of Italy (I at least have been to the country) and leafing through lots of pictures makes me pretty confident that this is a perfect destination wedding choice.

The Amalfi Coast, on Italy’s fabulous west coast has that just right sweet spot of a climate, and a major charm factor that appeals to lots of lovebirds for honeymoons, long weekends away, the summer vacation and wedding? Yes, weddings too! With it’s scenic backdrop, jaw-dropping cliffs, blue water and pretty architecture, it’s the Amalfi Coast today to inspire some destination wedding (or vacation) planning!


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Destination Fiji

From Mexico to Fiji, ahhh… the destination wedding choices are a little overwhelming! At least I’ve been drooling over these lovely destinations, so I’m hoping you will be too! Because Mexico was just the start, I wanted something a bit more exotic and far (at least from me in Manhattan) today.. so Fiji it is. Aside from being exotic, romantic, very lush, and oh so green, Fiji makes for some kind of a wedding location..seriously!! Be it the modern decor, the beach side resorts, the sunsets or the palm trees… today just some eye candy inspiration and maybe a little persuasion to plan your own destination wedding in… Fiji?!


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Destination Mexico – Traditional Style

Well, you all may be in the midst of planning your winter (warm destination) vacation but over here on OTW, I’ve been keeping myself busy planning your warm locale destination wedding in… Mexico? Yep, but that’s not it, I’ve been really busy planning your wedding in two weeks worth of incredible destination wedding locations… Puerto Rico, Bali, Santorini, Fiji, Hawaii, The Amalfi Coast, and Phuket. This means it’s a global destination affair spanning two gloomy winter weeks, and starting today with the fabulous Mexico…. traditional style. “Traditional style” is just my own justification for separating all of the incredible destination Mexico ideas and inspiration into a little piece of the pie (hint: this means there are a lot more Mexico posts to come) but ultimately it just means what I think of as a traditional Mexico wedding celebration… vibrant colors, mariachi bands, and a donkey? Yep, I’ll take it…

Welcome to our fabulous two weeks of destination winter weddings (to amazing warm locations)… and today, welcome to the proverbial Mexican celebration!


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Destination Nice, France

This weekend we’re heading to the south of France for a destination wedding French style in the lovely Nice. Nice, located on the southern coast of France (French Riviera anyone?) is a the perfect place for a destination wedding – or your honeymoon for that matter. Regardless of whether you’re traveling near or far, Nice is still the perfect backdrop for your destination celebration with its fabulous scenery, food, and wedding options.

As for the inspiration? Well aside from the big things… receptions (I chose three that are all equally drool-worthy: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild – second and thirteenth photos, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc – forth photo, and Le Chateau de Taulane – eighth photo), I like the idea of a “flowery palette”…think pink pastels, roses, hair pieces, lace; all things dainty but elegant, pretty in color and very French. This is the inspiration for our French wedding in Nice…




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