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The Wedding Palette – White on White Wedding Ideas

How could anyone find white on white boring after looking at these incredible all white wedding pictures. As if I should have to sell you on the idea of a white wedding palette, these should do most of the talking! Now normally I’m all about the pops of color here and there but if you want to choose something unique and dramatic, white on white is your color palette answer.

Don’t believe me? I imagine that aside from a white (although ivory is probably even more popular these days) wedding gown, that’s about as much white as your guests will expect at your wedding… but to make a dramatic impression, creating a monotone palette with all white will leave your guests stunned. What I love about white for a wedding day is that not only will you not see it and any other wedding you go to, but you will definitely have the wow factor that every bride is looking for. On top of this, white is so beautiful in pictures, and is the ultimate wedding statement. I chose a mix of white dresses, white reception halls, a white cathedral, white heels, a white signature drink, and plenty of ideas for white desserts… get the hint? Today is all about the white! If you aren’t sold yet… check out the ultra-glamorous white dessert table below and you will at least be sold on the desserts (white or not white…)


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The Wedding Palette – Silver Wedding Bells

Silver bells are ringing this week on One to Wed and we’re SO excited for our full week of winter wedding ideas right in the middle of the summer! And what more of a fitting kick off then on June 25th, exactly 6 months to go until Christmas and the winter wedding season! So brides-to-be, instead of thinking about mojito’s on the beach, it’s time for some crafty ornament ideas for your wedding favors, signature winter cocktails, and decorative (wintery) centerpieces.

First on our summer Christmas week is all things silver! For those of you who may be planning a December wedding but don’t want to go overboard with red and green or those planning a January of February wedding, silver is the perfect color for the season! It feels wintery but still warm and inviting and it can be paired with practically any other color to make the perfect palette. The key is just finding the most fun silver accessories to spice up your wedding day! I am obsessed with the simple but perfectly elegant ornament centerpieces below. This is such an easy do-it-yourself project that any DIY bride could put this together! All you need… silver trays, a few different shades of silver/grey/glittery ornaments and some oversized pine cones and you have this perfect winter centerpiece (final product below)! Other DIY ideas for the winter bride… wedding favors wrapped in little silver gift boxes topped with a bow and silver decoration, menu cards that are bedazzled with a mini silver brooch (all you need to do is add this little jewel to your existing menu cards for a very simple DIY enhancement!) I also LOVE the idea of keeping with the centerpiece theme and slipping place cards on little silver ornaments… (all picture ideas are below)!

For the non-DIY projects to create your silver wedding palette… back to the basics with a fabulous choice of glittery heels (as usual these Christian Louboutin’s below are my favorite), picking a silver infused bouquet, adding some sparkle with silver cupcakes (two different ideas below) and finally making sure your signature cocktail comes out with a silver glow!

By the time you’ve combined your DIY projects with your favorite silver accessories you’ll be well on your way to a non-traditional Christmas wedding but still keeping with the spirit of the season! Merry Christmas and happy holidays (only 6 months to go…)!!


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The Wedding Palette – Colors & Patterns of Summer

Summer is in the air and what better to inspire our summer brides than with some lovely colors, designs, and patterns of the season! Whether your wedding is just around the corner or you are a year away, perfecting the little details for the season your wedding is in is key! Picking pops of color or exciting designs can be done at the very beginning of the planning process and made to be focal points of your day OR at the very end to add the little details that sometimes can stand out the most!

But regardless of your timing, picking the rights colors and patterns especially if you are getting married in such a vibrant season (summer) is key! So today we’re using bold designs and colors to emphasize the importance of these little details! I can’t get over how amazing the bright patterns used on a table runner for the signature drinks or a table cloth (both below) are for a wedding. Patterns are so underused at weddings that it’s refreshing to see such bold colors and designs used at the same time! Blend patterns like these with the colors in them… reds, yellows and oranges to freshen up your wedding and bring even the small details like your drink bar to life!


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The Wedding Palette – For the “Bright” Hearted

With summer practically here, we’re tossing out our light pinks and blues and bringing in some very loud (and lovely) summer color palettes – the brights! Since we couldn’t pick just one color palette, we wanted to inspire brides to work with a very full palette of very bright colors… magentas, tangerines, deep purples and mustard yellows! Sound good together?  Probably not… but trust me, they work!

Best used for summer and outdoor weddings, brights can and should be mixed together as long as they don’t all overpower each other! My favorite way to combine all of these fun colors is to take one theme (like these dessert cupcakes and use all different colored frosting! They end up perfectly complementing each other!). Another example? The bridesmaids dresses! In my opinion this is a very underused idea..look at how great different colored dresses blend together (and each bridesmaid gets to pick her own color)! For other ways to incorporate the brights… how about a centerpiece filled with all of the different colors (see below), or a table setting with a bit of everything (turquoise plates, magenta centerpieces and orange pops here and there). If you still don’t believe me about the blending of the brights…check out these amazing pictures, or better yet, try it yourself!


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Vintage Details

Weddings are all about the details from the lighting to the place cards; the music selection to the appetizers. But sometimes the details can become fragmented when you’re trying to pull together so many different elements into one very short day. One way to avoid a big, disjointed wedding day is to stick with a specific theme and colors that all help add to the day instead of leaving guests wondering what kind of a wedding they had just been to…

These days, all things vintage seem to be on the forefront of high fashion and lifestyle choices with everything from clothes to homes to weddings. So today it’s all about the vintage details! We’re not talking an entire vintage reception (we aren’t suggesting a complete throwback), instead you can give your wedding the vintage feel by adding some simple (and some very budget friendly, do-it-yourself) accessories. Like what? It’s all about the little things when we talk details, so just a few suggestions in pictures… starting with some fun vintage save-the-dates and invitations, your engagement ring (yes that will be “at” the wedding too!), using old books as centerpieces and old suitcases for guests to drop off their gift envelopes or even to store your vintage place cards, or how about leaving your guests with these adorable macaroon favors in a very vintage “vase”… still not convinced? Trust me, you will be once you add these little details to the big day and tie all of your wedding decisions and decor together!




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