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Off the Beaten Path: The Unique Wedding Dessert

Out with the macarons, cupcakes and s’mores and in with the new class of “unique” wedding desserts… Ice cream sandwiches & floats, churros, pie and cake pops. These represent the new class of cool wedding treats (at least in my opinion) because those cupcakes were popular what, like 5 years ago now?

Obviously I’m biased to the ice cream sandwich here because once you find one amazing DIY recipe it’s just not enough. So… I included three. They say variety is the spice of life, don’t you know. Check out these amazing recipes from Good Things Grow (first photo), Smells Like Home (second photo) & Julia’s Room for Dessert (third photo).

But aside from the sandwich, there is also the fabulous float (forth photo), the very very delicious churros… think we hit the jackpot with these from Mowielicious (fifth photo), the traditionally rustic pie – please the pie is so much more than Thanksgiving (sixth & seventh photos), and…. the cake pop (eighth photo). The what? The cake pop!!

Here’s to the new “unique” on the dessert wedding front!



Credits: Good Things Grow, Smells Like Home, Julia’s Room for Dessert, This Rawsome Vegan Life via Pinterest, Mowielicious, All Things Jolie via Pinterest, Dixie Pixel Photography via Style Me Pretty, Pinterest

Trend Alert: The Wedding Macaroon

Yumm we’ve got a delicious trend alert today with my favorite of all wedding desserts…the French macaroon!! You may already know (because I sneak the macaroon into almost every post) but I think these tasty treats are simply wedding dessert bliss! So today it’s very simple..my attempt to convince you to incorporate the macaroon at your wedding! There are many ways to do this but my favorite is by passing a plate of different colored and flavored macaroons around…one plate per table with one macaroon per person… Take one and pass it on! There are plenty of other ways to use the macaroon (favor, dessert table) but really any way that you decide will work here! So all that’s left to do is enjoy!


Credits: Slate, Chocolatess, Delighted, PinterestCake Over the World, Etsy, Mimosa, Pinterest via Bleu Bird Vintage, A Social Living, Tsunami Publicity, Little Oven, 500 PX

Off the Beaten Path: Fall Wedding Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, fall weddings and fall decor in general doesn’t always need to be only about the bold reds and oranges that we generally associate this season with. In fact, if you ask me, I wouldn’t choose these colors for my fall wedding! Spice things up a bit, make your guests be dazzled by your decor choices, and choose colors that are still fall in nature, but off the beaten path for color palette choices!

So for our off the beaten path ideas, I wanted to highlight an exciting and very unused fall color.. call it what you want but I like “mustard” or “straw”. Okay, maybe not your conventional color names, but mustard colors in the fall are fresh, fun and different! Now luckily since depending on where your wedding will be, the grass or leaves may already be a strawish color from the hot summer months, so pair the natural backdrop with light colored dresses for the maids (I love this light blue-grey pairing of the dresses with the outdoors)! Blend traditional fall ideas like yummy pies for desserts, with more unique ideas for favors like these pies in a mason jar (see below). Draw on the outdoors and incorporate your mustard color palette by using hay bales for seating for your ceremony or during your cocktail hour (last photo below) and for the bouquet, keeping with the same colors and offbeat theme, chose a thistle bouquet (I love the one below that this bride is holding).

This is only the start to off the beaten path fall wedding ideas, but with a little creativity there are plenty of ways to differentiate your big day from all the rest of the fall weddings this season and next!


Credits: Pinterest, Blue Photo, Midwest Living, EtsyGibson Events, The Nerds Wife, Martha Stewart Weddings

S’mores, S’mores, S’mores!

Have I ever mentioned my slight obsession with s’mores? And by slight I mean massive! I love s’mores so much and can’t think of many things better than finding a fun way to incorporate them into your wedding day!

From favors to desserts, s’mores are a perfect wedding treat, and even better they are so DIY friendly! If you aren’t interested in a massive room of desserts, pick a place with a fire pit and start toasting. It’s so simple to buy the supplies yourself and this makes for a very fun and budget friendly dessert option! If you want to get craftier, you can make up s’more favors. There are so many fun ways to do this from piling in the necessities (graham crackers, chocolate and a marshmallow) into a little plastic goodie bag for your guests to take home, to stuffing your take on s’mores into mason jars (the ones below use pretzels instead of graham crackers). So if your reception doesn’t have the option to make your own s’mores for dessert, you can still incorporate these fun treats for your guests to take home and do-it-themselves!


Credits: Love, Wed, Bliss, Martha Stewart Weddings, PinterestElly B Events via Assaf Photography, A Vote and a Vow, I Love Southern Weddings Magazine, One Stylish Bride

Trend Alert: The Wedding Cupcake

Anyone else sick of cake recently? I personally am beyond sick of cake… layer cake, ice cream, any cake; the cake days are over in my daily life so as you can imagine I’m about ready to move on to a different sweet on the wedding front as well – which is obviously where the cupcake comes in! I know, I know, cupcakes really aren’t the newest trend… my best friend had them at her wedding two years ago and Magnolia’s made them popular during the Sex and the City days which, not to age us all, but that started in 1998 (yep that’s right, 14 years ago)… anyway, I’ve gone off topic! So all of this doesn’t mean that the cupcake isn’t still riding the trending wave…because I promise you it is! With wedding cake costs through the roof, cupcakes and other sweet desserts provide an alternative to the drab cake fad; although still as expensive, at least a little something different for your guests!

So try not to let these make you crave a little dessert yourself, but enjoy the colors, prettiness, and delightfully different wedding cupcakes today!


Credits: Recipe Girl, Recipe Girl, PinterestSlash FoodAtelier de Tartas, Flickr, Pinterest