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The Wedding Palette – Shades of Green

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m devoting all my energy to the color green today! It’s not every year that St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on a Saturday so I can only imagine how many green themes/palettes/accessories will be used to celebrate in the wedding world! Green is such an underused color it terms of, well, everything! Aside from nature, green is always overshadowed but today (and tomorrow) it takes front and center. There are so many lovely shades of green (think forest, kelly, lime, pond, hunter, jungle… you get the hint) so what better way to honor the man himself (Saint Patrick that is) than to highlight an entirely green wedding palette! When there are so many shades of green to choose from, and they blend so effortlessly together, there is really no need for any other colors (except maybe white for the bride…)

So as for the below, we’re sticking to anything and everything green with this satin bridesmaids dress which is simple and glamorous, four different bouquets (yes four… they were too special to choose only one so you can get creative and vary the shades you are using for each of your bridesmaids), two incredible table settings (in different shades of green of course), some (hopefully inspirational) ideas for a “green” ceremony and reception… these ivy colored spaces serve as incredible locations for a unique ceremony and traditional but awesome reception. And to top it off? Dessert of course! I’m bypassing the urge for an entirely green cake here so instead we’ll just add a bit of green as a dessert accessory on top of the cake…

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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The Western Way

For someone who has never really been to the “wild wild west”, I certainly can dream up my own version of a western wedding! It may be a little early for an outdoor wedding here on the East Coast but in America’s heartland, I’d say it’s the perfect time to grab your cowboy hat and start planning..

And the first thing on my western wedding agenda? The boots of course! Cowboy boots are the ultimate accessory; so much more than a shoe, they are the statement piece for the bride-to-be. I would even concede that it’s the dress that needs to match those boots! And to take it a step further, I love how you can accessorize your bridesmaids with the boot trend as well! And even better? How about the boot becomes your bridesmaids gift? Now they are not only the perfect accessory but also the perfect gift… I love how these blue-gray bridesmaids dresses match the boots flawlessly. The dress length is just right for an outdoor wedding and the color is so earthy, it blends in with nature. And the venue? My pick is the Vista West Ranch outside of Austin, Texas (check out the incredible ceremony set-up below). It is graceful, rustic and utterly Texan! And down to the details? Make sure you pick the perfect little things…like these invitations, the wedding cake choice, your creative outfits for the flower girl and ring bearer and the horse of course!


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A Tuscan Inspired Affair

Tuscany…sigh. Should I repeat myself?

Tuscany… sigh… Really though, Tuscany is worthy of two sighs and I can’t think of a more magical wedding than one here. The romance, beauty and grandeur that Tuscany exudes is breathtaking and you really couldn’t find a more scenic spot for your wedding than the rolling hills of the Chianti wine country in central Italy.

So what if you weren’t planning on a destination wedding? Well I wasn’t expecting you to book a flight straight to Florence so instead, you can always find the perfect elements to make your wedding at home feel as though you’ve been transported to Italy. How so you may ask? There are plenty of vineyards that aren’t quite so well known as those here in Tuscany; places that you would never expect but can offer such a remarkable backdrop for your Tuscan inspired wedding. I love the idea of hosting the reception at a “Tuscany-esque” villa like the one below (which happens to be nestled just outside of Montepulciano, Italy). This villa, Poggio Piglia, is a remarkable guest house in southeast Tuscany and the most perfect inspiration for your reception pick. Large stone buildings surrounded by lush landscape defines Tuscany and could be surprisingly easy to find here in your backyard. Use décor to emphasize the Tuscan atmosphere (see table setting below); the use of crisp white linen paired with romantic gold chairs and a chandelier brings the elegance of Tuscany to your very own table. Finally don’t underestimate your fashion choices. Black is the perfect color for the wedding party; both sleek and romantic it exudes the Italian passion. An exquisite lace wedding dress like the one below from Justin Alexander is romantic and whimsical and will transport you to your very own Tuscan destination wedding (in the backyard of course…)


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The Wedding Palette – The Beauty of Neon

Be prepared to see a lot of Neon this spring!! Not only have neon colors plunged into the world of high fashion but they are practically everywhere from boutique store fronts to city streets. And that just means if you haven’t seen them at your best friends wedding yet…prepare to! Weddings are the perfect occasion for the bride and groom to show a bit of themselves through the venue they choose, to the ceremony location, the food selection and of course their color palette. And given that Spring is just around the corner, and neon is clearly this springs fashion trend, I can’t think of a better idea than to incorporate a little neon into your wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting choosing an entirely neon color palette! In fact if you are picking more than a few neon “pops” of color in only an 8 or so hour time frame (think ceremony + reception) then you may only end up blinding your friends and family (neon colors are known for being bright!) What I am suggesting is to incorporate your favorite neon colors (one or two) into your wedding and color scheme.

So my favorite neon inspired wedding ideas? I LOVE the idea of a bright bridesmaid dress (see below). If you have big wedding party then you may want to think twice, but for only a few bridesmaids this could be the perfect pop of color that every wedding desperately needs. If a yellow dress palette is too much for you to swallow how about combining dress colors? Match the bright yellow with a paler compliment to neutralize the palette a bit (check out the incredible yellow and white + pink combination below). Now if you aren’t looking for the “public” splash of color, how about a pair of neon heels that only you need to see and love! You can also add color with your choice of bouquet, the way you accessorize the bridesmaids (I love these pink and yellow earrings as a bridesmaid gift and a wedding accessory). Or you can incorporate color into your reception… Use it to brighten an all white room or dress up your table setting.

And to think… I bet you didn’t even like neon before this!



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The Old Hollywood Wedding Way

In honor of the Oscars this weekend, what could be more fitting than a bridal throwback to the Old Hollywood wedding and all that comes with it: think glamour, charm, and Clark Gable.  When I think of the Old Hollywood wedding I think red lipstick, lace, feathers, lovely headpieces, and the roaring 20s.  Even today you can have a piece of old Hollywood in your wedding by just incorporating a few statement pieces like any of these – from a mid-century(esque) necklace, to a vintage inspired wedding bouquet, a classic veil, or finishing it all off with an exquisite dress.

Feeling like you are living in the past yet?



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