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The Rustic-Elegant Wedding Celebration

To me, rustic elegance is almost like an oxymoron. When I think rustic I think outdoors, rugged, and earthy. And when I think elegance I think glamour, ballrooms, and anything but the outside! But when put together in terms of wedding decor, rustic elegance can bring a classy feel to an outdoor celebration by using the right accessories…

So today we’re aiming to recreate the magical reception below… the finished product. It looks daunting, the blending of such different ideas… the wood beams, chandeliers, beautiful chairs and pewter detailing but it is shockingly easy to put together! There are some amazing steals all over the internet for savvy budget shoppers… today I “stopped by” One Kings Lane, an amazing home decor website, perfect for finding wedding accessories like the trays and beaded chandelier below! Pair that with fun heels that scream rustic elegance (I love these Jimmy Choo’s) and a simple, pale bridesmaids dress (this one is Cynthia Rowley)… The final touch is this incredible vintage pewter vase which (paired with a few similar styles) can serve as a lovely backdrop like the ones at this reception sitting on the mantel (below)…

So if you’re torn between the outdoors and a fancy ballroom reception… rustic elegance should seem not only easy to recreate for your own wedding but also budget friendly if you’re scouring for the right (price-friendly) pieces!

Credits: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, One Kings Lane, Jimmy Choo (Saks Fifth Avenue)WMF Maiden Vase, Ballyhoo Design on One Kings Lane

The Modern Bride

I’m nearly positive that by now you all know that I am very traditional in “wedding style” but even I like to branch out once in awhile especially when I remind myself that we do live in the 21st century. So today we’re throwing ourselves into the ultra-modern mindset because I imagine there are plenty of weddings that are inspired by all things modern, sleek, with clean lines and lots of stark white!

So what is a modern wedding? Well, I imagine that everything from fashion to venue choice and all of the little details in between would be modern but as always, I will start with the dress (always my favorite wedding accessory)! I couldn’t pick only one because (although modern) these bridal gowns are really fabulous! Both from the Spring 2012 collections (I’m seeing a modern trend here…) they are sleek, stylish yet elegant at the same time. I think of white as a very modern color; it’s sterile, clean and simple, and for a twist on the traditional, a white bridesmaids dress is only fitting. The short one below is perfect with it’s slightly metallic fabric and sharp lines. From the venue decor (like the “hanging centerpieces”) to the lace boots, every detail screams modern at this wedding, and I bet as we see more “futuristic” dress designs, we’ll also be seeing more of everything modern wedding…


Credits:  Events-Ualitites, Marchesa Bridal – Spring 2012Hi Bridal, Christian Louboutin, Events-UalitiesItalian Lakes Wedding, Pinterest

Into the Barn

For a change of scenery, today we’re focusing on only one (albeit very important part of a wedding)… the reception venue! But not just any reception venue, for those yearning for a rustic, elegant and country setting (or just something different), there is no better place than a barn.

So how do you make a barn stylish enough for your big day? Well the decor is halfway there already. The inside of your barn will already give off a certain feel (most likely rustic if we are all thinking of the same type of barn) but you can dress it up anyway you want. I picked a few of my favorite “interior designs” from all over (see below) and for each, they are just a blank canvas that can be tweaked easily to the tastes of the bride and groom to be. But don’t get too carried away… there are a few essentials that cannot be overlooked regardless of how creative you want to be..

First, the lighting. Remember, most likely it will be dark at some point during your reception and barns aren’t particularly known for their natural lighting. So make sure to pick a spot with a lot of sunlight during the day (there are a few options below) but dress it up for dusk with chandeliers (my personal favorite) or small Christmas tree lights. The lighting, second to the actual barn, will set the mood whether its casual, elegant, romantic… whatever you want it to be.

Second, the overall decor. We don’t need to get into the details but remember your setting (in the barn) and make sure that you dress up or dress down the venue the way you want, but keep it all blended together. Don’t go rustic-casual on the favors and place settings, but set up classy, modern couches for the guests to lounge on. The barn itself is a statement so pick only one theme for the rest of the day and decor inside and stick with it…



Credits: Coquelicot BarnTennesse Barn, Coquelicot Barn, Pratt Place Inn and BarnBarb’s BarnChileno Valley Ranch Wedding, Barn Wedding

Into the Garden

The garden. There is no more enchanted of a setting than a peaceful outdoor garden. With spring in full swing, there are so many opportunities to host even just a bit of your wedding outdoors, and April is the perfect time of the year for a garden wedding.

There are plenty of options depending on the actual outdoor space, the color palette, the number of guests, and of course all of the “embellishments” (think flower choices, table setting, place cards)… But today I’m focusing on what I would imagine a “traditional garden wedding” to be (and if you aren’t the traditionalist, then we will have plenty more garden-esque ideas to come). So what actually is a traditional garden wedding? I’m envisioning the basics… a romantic and lush, green outdoor setting nestled within the country + wedding accessories that are both elegant and earthy at the same time.

So, I’ve picked a strong contrast between the elegant and the earthy with a few of my favorite wedding pieces. The plant place cards below set the garden tone and are unique and fun at the same time. Contrast those with very elegant, light silvery blue bridesmaids dresses and beautiful white and blue bouquets. The tables will be more elegant; imagine being surrounded by ivy coated walls and delicate hardware for the place settings. The bridal gown… always my favorite part. I picked this Allure Bridal charmeuse satin and lace gown with a key hole back. It is incredible… The reception of course will be in the country and I love the idea of this ivy covered mansion, back to the earthy theme. And my favorite accessory for this wedding? The rustic white birdcage for the gift cards…



Credits: Pinterest, Melissa SweetMelissa Sweet, Best Wedding Decor, Allure Bridal Style 8764Allure Bridal Back, Allure Bridal CloseFlickr, Etsy, House Beautiful

Nautical Bermuda

When I used to imagine Bermuda, I would find myself dreaming of the pink sandy beaches, turquoise water, mopeds (scooters) and pastel colored homes… Isn’t that what we all know about Bermuda?

What I never thought about was all the boats!! Bermuda is filled with marinas, docks, and boats galore which means a destination wedding in Bermuda doesn’t necessarily have to mean a beach and a pink color palette. It could also mean a very fun nautical themed wedding! The best part of this idea is that although Bermuda is my inspiration for all things this week, you can create your own nautical themed wedding practically anywhere (well, where there are boats and water of course). But seeing all the beautiful marinas and peaceful sail boats in Bermuda got me thinking about how great this island would be for a non-beach wedding. Yes, I said it, a non-beach wedding in Bermuda! My colors today are all about the nautical theme which means a lot of blue inspired by the traditional nautical blue and white stripe. So first, my inspiration? I picked a few of my favorite spots that inspired this theme + all the makings to a nautical Bermuda (or anywhere) wedding extravaganza! From the dresses (I chose two long, whimsical blue dresses for the bridesmaids), to the ultra structured wedding gown, the blue bouquet, blue wedding invites (two choices), lovely sail boat place cards (really, how amazing are these!!), some inspiring fashion selections for the groom (in the form of boat shoes) and of course a decorative cake with a navy finish. This theme is simply amazing!!!




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