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The Wedding Palette – Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!

Well there’s nothing better for a bright end of the week than some color palette inspiration for a particularly bright color…(yellow)! Happy Friday! So what do you think about yellow on the wedding front? I kind of think the color yellow is a little bit controversial when it comes to the wedding palette. It certainly isn’t the typical pick, but it sure is fun! And I personally think I’ve sold myself on it with these fabulous photos and lots of yellow color palette inspiration

So while yellow may not be so perfect for any season (I would suggest avoiding winter), for the rest of the year, depending on your choices, it could pass. But I think it’s perfect for summer! A bright palette for a summer wedding! Because yellow is so loud, I like the idea of using it in more unique ways than your traditional wedding colors. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, you can use it for the normal things like the bouquets, heels, cake and bridesmaids dresses (below) but why not use it for other decor and accessories like the invitations before the wedding, the programs on the big day, a lovely background for a few wedding pictures, a ceremony in a little yellow church, or for your signature drink (also below). As usual this is all about picking the right way to incorporate your color palette whether it’s a loud or soft color… and with the right yellow choices, this one can definitely work too!


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The Wedding Palette – Neutral Elegance

Today it’s a color palette treat with some of my very favorite pairings of the neutrals! Now for some, neutral colors (today we’re going with the blue-greys, pinks and creams) don’t really do it. I know, they aren’t the most exciting, they’re not the brights, the prints or the patterns but there is such an understated elegance when it comes to picking the neutrals and they have this incredible calming sensation – even on your big day!

So there are many reasons to pick a neutral palette but one of my favorite reasons is that glam factor. And my favorite neutral? Grey, Grey, Grey! Today, a blue-grey proves it can be the belle of the ball without being like the fun and flirty bold magenta or yellow chevron because grey just is that fabulous! Grey is such a statement because it is so understated and even when pairing it with other neutrals you can still add so much decor and accessorize all you want because it can never be too overwhelming. Which leads me to my next favorite thing about this type of palette. Because the colors are so calming, you can add the frills and extras to create the magic that you are looking for! So all in all, whatever the season and the venue, you can make a neutral color palette blend seamlessly into your day by picking the right neutrals and accessorizing galore!


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The Wedding Palette – An Ode to Cobalt Blue

More than just a boring something blue today… it’s cobalt blue my brides-to-be! Who needs the normal blue when there is cobalt out there making a perfect wedding color palette! And today is about so much more than just that one “something”; today is about the full blue palette!

Blue is perfect for a summer wedding (or winter)… or any season really, but I think summer and winter can make the biggest statements. So for today an assortment of my favorite cobalt blue touches. I am beyond obsessed with the bridesmaids choices today from the bold Jason Wu runway choice (first photo) to the incredible Japanese inspired picks (also below). Both are exciting and memorable bridesmaids choices! Onto the details. I’m always surprised by how often invitations are overlooked in terms of the wow factor. Personally I love getting an inspiring invite, like these for the cobalt blue palette below. Elegant and beautiful, an invitation can be remembered for awhile. And for the reception, the table setting, menu card and lighting below all strike me as the perfect decor ideas to create the cobalt dream wedding. The palette is bold but pairing it with whites and off-whites tones it down and still makes a statement. And my favorite parts of the day… Obviously the blue wedding heels by Manolo and most of all this fabulous blue wedding ride. A cobalt palette absolutely cannot be without this car!




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The Wedding Palette – White on White Wedding Ideas

How could anyone find white on white boring after looking at these incredible all white wedding pictures. As if I should have to sell you on the idea of a white wedding palette, these should do most of the talking! Now normally I’m all about the pops of color here and there but if you want to choose something unique and dramatic, white on white is your color palette answer.

Don’t believe me? I imagine that aside from a white (although ivory is probably even more popular these days) wedding gown, that’s about as much white as your guests will expect at your wedding… but to make a dramatic impression, creating a monotone palette with all white will leave your guests stunned. What I love about white for a wedding day is that not only will you not see it and any other wedding you go to, but you will definitely have the wow factor that every bride is looking for. On top of this, white is so beautiful in pictures, and is the ultimate wedding statement. I chose a mix of white dresses, white reception halls, a white cathedral, white heels, a white signature drink, and plenty of ideas for white desserts… get the hint? Today is all about the white! If you aren’t sold yet… check out the ultra-glamorous white dessert table below and you will at least be sold on the desserts (white or not white…)


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Shades of Pink

For me, when I think bridesmaids, I think pink! Personally I have my pink preferences (blush over bright) but for most, any shade of pink as far as the bridesmaids dresses go seems to work. So for those of you brides-to-be struggling with the dress color, today I wanted to remind you why pink is so perfect!

Firstly, depending on the shade, it can go with any season. Winter? Yes please! Think I’m kidding.. nope not this time. I actually think that a very light blush pink (like in the first photo below) is perfect for a winter wedding. Please, we see enough of the eggplants and silvers that a little color for your winter wedding day isn’t going to kill anyone! Of course we know that pink works for the rest of the year; the magentas and corals are perfect for a spring or summer wedding and the light colors are better for the latter half of the year.  You probably don’t want coral at your New Year’s Eve wedding.. you’ll have your guests wanting to transport themselves to an island instead of your reception.

Back to the point, why I love pink.. Aside from being right for any season, it’s practically perfect to pair with other colors. Maybe it won’t match with any color that you choose, but it certainly works with a lot of them. Moving on, pink is typically a non-controversial pick. With multiple girls in your party, you don’t want them hating the dresses you’ve picked (I know it’s your wedding day but these are your friends remember!) Pink is easy on the eyes and most girls like some shade of it. So when picking between pink and oh say lime green, I assure you the majority of the maids are going with pink. And finally, the right pink and the right dress can be reused! Tell me you’ve been a bridesmaid and been able to reuse your dress? Probably not because no one seems to pick normal dresses these days, but girls, it’s time! Pick one that everyone loves and you’ll see your maids wearing it at the next wedding they go to!



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