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The Wedding Palette – Beautiful Blush Pink and Gold

Lately I’ve been loving blush and gold.. just wore these colors to a wedding this past weekend and was feeling very vintage chic with the color combo (blush lace dress + gold clutch and accessories)… but I’m only gushing over fashion here! So imagine how amazing I (or you) would be feeling with a whole wedding day full of beautiful shades of blush and elegant gold touches.

Blush and gold is a perfect palette for any season which is one of many reasons why I love this color combo. While beautiful in the spring, I think it’s equally romantic in the fall and I just can’t get over how lovely it is for a winter wedding. The pale pink evokes winter dreams and the gold is the sparkle that we all need to get through the season. So today I collected a little bit of everything for your wedding planning! Some highlights… this stunning gold and blush tulle bridesmaids dress from Tova’s Vintage Shop (first photo), a few of my favorite dessert options… tasty macaroons, ice cream cones and obviously cupcakes, an incredible gold + blush table setting (forth photo), these dainty but exquisite invitations by Daily Sip Studios (fifth photo), and finally some pretty in blush pink flats by Gianni Bini (ninth photo). For me… these pictures are just about making my Tuesday… blush and gold wedding planning anyone :)


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Trend Alert: Whiteout Fall Wedding Ideas

I know, I know… it’s another fall wedding post BUT I promise it’s worthy and it’s nearly the last. Before you know it, we’ll have moved onto winter (and spring!) and then you’ll be pining for the fall days all over again.

Today is all about the trends. I love trend alert posts because I can put a spin on the fun, fashionable, and in style wedding ideas, clothes, decor or anything else! And what I’m thinking on the fall front is white fall everything. Pumpkins, bouquets, candles, bridesmaids dresses and place cards.. at least that’s what I’ve found inspiration from (photos below) but the list goes on. White is the perfect fall trend because it’s unexpected and let’s face it, we all love the unexpected. We normally default to the basic fall colors (because it’s easy), so white for an October wedding? Not likely… What I love about this fabulous fall trend is that you can go with a full white color palette but still ooze fall spirit with white spray painted pumpkins, beautiful and full white bouquets, white (or very light) bridesmaids dresses, and other fun white accessories like centerpieces, “down the aisle” decor, place cards and favors… I could keep going until the winter trends start. The idea is that white is awesome and putting a spin on the traditional fall wedding ideas is even better… so be the first and go white for your fall wedding!


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The Wedding Palette – Red on Red

I absolutely love exploring different wedding color palettes especially ones that are as bold and beautiful as red. There was once a time (not very long ago) when I envisioned my own wedding to be in December…Christmas bells ringing, decorated tree in the corner for pretty pictures, and my lovely bridesmaids in fire engine red. Luckily for them, I’ve personally gotten past the red bridesmaids dresses (although I still love the idea!) and in general I still love lots of red wedding ideas for a holiday or not holiday wedding!

So why a red wedding color palette? Well, for the ladies looking to make a statement, red is as bright as they come and with so many shades to choose from you can even alter just how bold (or not bold) you really want your wedding day to be! And the inspiration for today? Drum roll please… because these red wedding ideas are sure to get you thinking about how much you would love a red wedding color palette as much as I love dreaming about one! We’ve got (in order) a gorgeous red plaid table setting (winter wedding only please!), red velvet cupcakes, an artsy and wonderful red bridesmaids dress, bright red earrings (another Etsy gem), red reception decor, a red bridesmaids dress and clutch, a vintage red chair (and incredible but not red shoes), the wedding bouquet with just a hint of red (for my subtle brides-to-be), the perfect church with the perfect red door, and a weathered, light red chair for extra fun and very red decor!

Happy (red wedding) planning!


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Colors of the Fall

As we find ourselves somehow already halfway through September it’s time to get into the fall spirit and that means thinking about weddings for my favorite season… in 2013 obviously.

So you’re engaged, you found the venue and you set the date… now what? Time for the real planning to begin! Let’s be honest, getting engaged was awesome, finding the venue was ehh stressful, and setting the date was just downright dependent on the venue in the end right? That’s why the beauty in the planning starts after all these big steps… and a fall wedding makes the planning that much more fun!

My absolute favorite thing about the fall is actually the weather in New York (I’m not very tolerant when it comes to the extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter) but for the purpose of this lovely post… I’m going with my second favorite thing about the fall which are the colors! But as much as I love the traditional reds, oranges and yellows, what I love more for fall weddings is doing a spin on those traditional colors of the fall. Pick one (today I picked orange) and pair it with a color you actually really love, and one that is totally not fall in nature (I chose blue), put them together, and now you have a bit of fall and a bit of you for your palette. The colors of fall don’t have to be just those colors we see when the leaves change, because it’s so simple to pick one that everyone associates with the season (like orange) and then derive this amazing and unique palette from there. The final result, I promise will be spectacular!


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The Wedding Palette – Lavender Lovin’

Happy Monday! As another weeks begins, I’m finding myself most excited to start it off with some lovely lavender ideas for a not so purple wedding (it’s lavender ladies!) My inspiration for the lavender color palette comes from the first photo below of a perfect lavender field (unfortunately just after harvest…but I think you get the gist) at the Clairmont Lavender Farm in Southern California about 40 minutes outside of Santa Barbara. Aside from the things that most normal people would ponder at this little lavender farm like what amazing all natural products to buy (trust me, I did this too)… I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I don’t love purple for weddings but boy do I love lavender! I love the flower, the smell, the color… and it can make for such a pretty color palette!

So from my field of inspiration… some inspiration for the brides-to-be. Today, we’re doing a range of all things lavender since I couldn’t limit myself! The point is that lavender is not only a beautiful flower for a bouquet, but also as the base color for your wedding palette! There are tons of ways to use it (only some of which are below) but I’m hoping that these jump start your obsession with lavender just like mine!


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