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Christmas Countdown: The Beautiful Blush & Cranberry

On the 6th day of Christmas we’re back to the palette with something a little different because sadly I am sick of seeing my own red and green ideas every single day… So we’re taking a hiatus..back to red on Friday though!

Today we’re doing a spin on the reds and pinks with a lovely blush pink and cranberry Christmas (or winter) palette! I always like doing wedding posts that I would love to use at my own someday wedding and on the 6th day of Christmas this one makes the cut! I’d love to see the girls in long blush colored dresses, and my inspiration is coming from this gorgeous White by Vera Wang wedding gown (first photo) – a toned down version of this would be perfect. If you’d prefer short dresses, how about mix and matching styles (eighth photo) to put a fun spin on the norm. Also on the fashion front, a shoe splurge..love these pale pink Christian Louboutin classic pumps (third photo). For fun, you can find awesome handmade bridesmaids gifts like this adorable purse in the perfect palette for today (seventh photo) and for our final fashion pick..how cute is this flower garter (thirteenth photo).

Moving onto floral, keep with the cranberry palette here for a wintry look (second, forth, ninth, twelve photos). This gives a vintagey-elegant feel but keeps it seasonal. For the food… a few touches can go a long way. Like what? Try a signature drink…love these cranberry margaritas (fifth photo). On the sweeter side and back to blush, these angel food cupcakes with pink icing (sixth and tenth photos) are to die for! And finally the paper… of course, invitations with tones of blush and cranberry (eleventh photo) to keep everything consistent and in our case….hopefully Christmasy too!



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The Wedding Palette – Beautiful Blush Pink and Gold

Lately I’ve been loving blush and gold.. just wore these colors to a wedding this past weekend and was feeling very vintage chic with the color combo (blush lace dress + gold clutch and accessories)… but I’m only gushing over fashion here! So imagine how amazing I (or you) would be feeling with a whole wedding day full of beautiful shades of blush and elegant gold touches.

Blush and gold is a perfect palette for any season which is one of many reasons why I love this color combo. While beautiful in the spring, I think it’s equally romantic in the fall and I just can’t get over how lovely it is for a winter wedding. The pale pink evokes winter dreams and the gold is the sparkle that we all need to get through the season. So today I collected a little bit of everything for your wedding planning! Some highlights… this stunning gold and blush tulle bridesmaids dress from Tova’s Vintage Shop (first photo), a few of my favorite dessert options… tasty macaroons, ice cream cones and obviously cupcakes, an incredible gold + blush table setting (forth photo), these dainty but exquisite invitations by Daily Sip Studios (fifth photo), and finally some pretty in blush pink flats by Gianni Bini (ninth photo). For me… these pictures are just about making my Tuesday… blush and gold wedding planning anyone :)


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The Romantic Garden Wedding

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again.. I’m mildly obsessed with the idea of a whimsical, enchanting garden wedding. Although it’s hard to top just the garden, there are always ways to embellish it and make it that much better! Today, inspiration for the romantic garden wedding.

The quintessential garden wedding will be entirely outdoors (that’s ceremony included) so to start, one of the most incredible outdoor ceremony pictures (first photo below), set in the middle of an impeccable garden; everything is perfect here. The pink flowers inspire pale pink bridesmaids dresses (second photo); a light pink seems to blend perfectly with the garden and this color is one of the most romantic choices for bridesmaids dresses. And then there is the reception. Decorated with flowers and greenery, it’s hard not to evoke romanticism, but decorate your garden reception like the one below (fifth picture), and you start to see how the little things differentiate the garden from the romantic garden for your wedding day!



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Southern Wedding Charm

The south… wedding sigh. If you aren’t a southern belle yourself (don’t worry, neither am I), or even if you’ve never been to visit the charming southern United States (Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana) then you may not fully appreciate what comes with a southern wedding. But…I assure you that once you visit you will fall in love! From the beautiful old, and stately homes (and reception locations) like the Hay House (below) in Macon, Georgia, to the colors that evoke that southern feel (I’m thinking warm grey and peach tones for everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the table setting and the color palette in general), to that perfect southern reception complete with rich interiors, china place settings and elaborate decor, today we are going all out for some classic “southern charm” wedding ideas and inspiration! Surely to bring out the southern belle in all of us…


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Shades of Pink

For me, when I think bridesmaids, I think pink! Personally I have my pink preferences (blush over bright) but for most, any shade of pink as far as the bridesmaids dresses go seems to work. So for those of you brides-to-be struggling with the dress color, today I wanted to remind you why pink is so perfect!

Firstly, depending on the shade, it can go with any season. Winter? Yes please! Think I’m kidding.. nope not this time. I actually think that a very light blush pink (like in the first photo below) is perfect for a winter wedding. Please, we see enough of the eggplants and silvers that a little color for your winter wedding day isn’t going to kill anyone! Of course we know that pink works for the rest of the year; the magentas and corals are perfect for a spring or summer wedding and the light colors are better for the latter half of the year.  You probably don’t want coral at your New Year’s Eve wedding.. you’ll have your guests wanting to transport themselves to an island instead of your reception.

Back to the point, why I love pink.. Aside from being right for any season, it’s practically perfect to pair with other colors. Maybe it won’t match with any color that you choose, but it certainly works with a lot of them. Moving on, pink is typically a non-controversial pick. With multiple girls in your party, you don’t want them hating the dresses you’ve picked (I know it’s your wedding day but these are your friends remember!) Pink is easy on the eyes and most girls like some shade of it. So when picking between pink and oh say lime green, I assure you the majority of the maids are going with pink. And finally, the right pink and the right dress can be reused! Tell me you’ve been a bridesmaid and been able to reuse your dress? Probably not because no one seems to pick normal dresses these days, but girls, it’s time! Pick one that everyone loves and you’ll see your maids wearing it at the next wedding they go to!



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