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Colors of the Fall

As we find ourselves somehow already halfway through September it’s time to get into the fall spirit and that means thinking about weddings for my favorite season… in 2013 obviously.

So you’re engaged, you found the venue and you set the date… now what? Time for the real planning to begin! Let’s be honest, getting engaged was awesome, finding the venue was ehh stressful, and setting the date was just downright dependent on the venue in the end right? That’s why the beauty in the planning starts after all these big steps… and a fall wedding makes the planning that much more fun!

My absolute favorite thing about the fall is actually the weather in New York (I’m not very tolerant when it comes to the extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter) but for the purpose of this lovely post… I’m going with my second favorite thing about the fall which are the colors! But as much as I love the traditional reds, oranges and yellows, what I love more for fall weddings is doing a spin on those traditional colors of the fall. Pick one (today I picked orange) and pair it with a color you actually really love, and one that is totally not fall in nature (I chose blue), put them together, and now you have a bit of fall and a bit of you for your palette. The colors of fall don’t have to be just those colors we see when the leaves change, because it’s so simple to pick one that everyone associates with the season (like orange) and then derive this amazing and unique palette from there. The final result, I promise will be spectacular!


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The Wedding Palette – An Ode to Cobalt Blue

More than just a boring something blue today… it’s cobalt blue my brides-to-be! Who needs the normal blue when there is cobalt out there making a perfect wedding color palette! And today is about so much more than just that one “something”; today is about the full blue palette!

Blue is perfect for a summer wedding (or winter)… or any season really, but I think summer and winter can make the biggest statements. So for today an assortment of my favorite cobalt blue touches. I am beyond obsessed with the bridesmaids choices today from the bold Jason Wu runway choice (first photo) to the incredible Japanese inspired picks (also below). Both are exciting and memorable bridesmaids choices! Onto the details. I’m always surprised by how often invitations are overlooked in terms of the wow factor. Personally I love getting an inspiring invite, like these for the cobalt blue palette below. Elegant and beautiful, an invitation can be remembered for awhile. And for the reception, the table setting, menu card and lighting below all strike me as the perfect decor ideas to create the cobalt dream wedding. The palette is bold but pairing it with whites and off-whites tones it down and still makes a statement. And my favorite parts of the day… Obviously the blue wedding heels by Manolo and most of all this fabulous blue wedding ride. A cobalt palette absolutely cannot be without this car!




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Blue Gingham Galore

There’s not much better than a bold pattern like gingham for a summer country wedding. Although it may evoke visions of picnic table cloths or Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz, don’t let that lead you astray! Gingham is cool and modern for a wedding in the summer (and in the country…please no city weddings ladies!)

While there may be many more “trendier” and maybe bolder patterns on the bridal market these days (think chevron), gingham will always give that classic feel and remains a perfect choice for an outdoor celebration. While I actually really like using the pattern on your tables (you can tone it down with the actual place settings and centerpieces you choose as well as dress it up by picking a high end fabric), there are plenty of other ways to incorporate a little pattern on your wedding day…. like what you may ask? Well the grooms wardrobe for starters; how about a checkered (gingham) tie or even bow tie for the more daring (see below photo). For the boldest of grooms, a full suit jacket also works (see below!) If you aren’t looking to dress your husband-to-be in assorted patterns and colors how about incorporating them into your invitations or just on a small accent table? As usual, there are always ways to incorporate the bits and pieces of colors and patterns that you love in your wedding day; it’s just about finding the right balance. And my number #1 rule with bold patterns; choose only one color… that will be enough! Blue is the gingham color of the day this time around…


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Southern Wedding Charm

The south… wedding sigh. If you aren’t a southern belle yourself (don’t worry, neither am I), or even if you’ve never been to visit the charming southern United States (Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana) then you may not fully appreciate what comes with a southern wedding. But…I assure you that once you visit you will fall in love! From the beautiful old, and stately homes (and reception locations) like the Hay House (below) in Macon, Georgia, to the colors that evoke that southern feel (I’m thinking warm grey and peach tones for everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the table setting and the color palette in general), to that perfect southern reception complete with rich interiors, china place settings and elaborate decor, today we are going all out for some classic “southern charm” wedding ideas and inspiration! Surely to bring out the southern belle in all of us…


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Destination Seville, Spain

Having lived in Seville for a few months it’s hard for me to stay unbiased toward how amazing of a destination wedding location this little city in the south of Spain would be. First off, if you’ve never visited, it’s well overdue that you make plans. Secondly, if you are planning a destination wedding, like the European atmosphere, warm weather and palm trees, and a small eclectic city vibe, than Seville is your city!

Really though, Seville is such a great city and a perfectly fun and different place to host a wedding. For me, I couldn’t resist going with the Hotel Alfonso XIII for the reception. This hotel is in the heart of the city, has the classic Spanish architecture and atmosphere, and is beautiful inside and out (photos below). Once you’ve picked the reception location, it’s time for the details. For a wedding in the heart of Spain, unless you absolutely hate yellows and blues, these MUST be incorporated into your palette. Think mosaic tile, vibrant colors and you’re most likely thinking about Spain, so there isn’t anything more fitting than a color palette that tells a story about your wedding location. I love the idea of incorporating golds into the palette too like in the wedding cake below. This color combination for the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and even little things like the brides heels tie in the themes of the city and country with your own special day!


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