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Off the Beaten Path: The Black Wedding Dress

It’s practically the weekend and with Halloween only a few weeks away I wanted to ring in the season with a dazzle of black. So really, why a black wedding dress? It’s the anti-tradition that’s for sure, but it really can be a bold (and beautiful) statement if done right… so today, it’s more of an examination of the black wedding dress, I’ll reserve judgement on this one…

So what actually makes a beautiful black wedding dress? Well obviously black is a little overwhelming so when it comes to fabric less is more. You’ll notice that none of my favorites below have long sleeves or much fabric on top… you can go so wrong in black if you look like you’re in costume, and long sleeves can do just that. As far as the dress fabric, satin is an elegant choice which works well with black but as an alternative, why not pick something more playful… look how fabulously tulle can work if it stays delicate and light instead of scary (photos below). But aside from the cut and fabric, the things that decide if the black wedding dress is a fashion hit or miss comes down to the bride. You need some soul to wear this color and your personality needs to shine in black… so if that’s you, then this look can work. But for the more traditional, maybe stick with white?



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The Wedding Palette – Black & White Effect

Black and white… my favorite two colors (really, they are). I know, maybe not the most exciting to some, but to me these are the perfect wedding colors. The black and white palette may be as traditional as they come; but there are ways to make even these colors wow your guests and leave an impression. The thing with blacks and whites is that the object needs to be special since the colors are, well, just black and white.

What you want to avoid is boring your guests which is why you need to choose carefully from the reception venue (check out the incredible Addison Park below) to your bridesmaids dresses (I am in love with this short black organza Romona Keveza dress). But it’s not just your choices for the things that guests notice most; it’s the little things like the shoes (two options below… both amazing and very different), the centerpieces (think outside of the box – instead of floral use something like these oversized candlesticks) and of course the bouquets (you never see just rose bouquets, so why not be a little different). The thing that makes these black and white wedding ideas so special is how they make this color palette come to life and give a wedding it’s very own character…



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