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The Rustic-Elegant Wedding Celebration

To me, rustic elegance is almost like an oxymoron. When I think rustic I think outdoors, rugged, and earthy. And when I think elegance I think glamour, ballrooms, and anything but the outside! But when put together in terms of wedding decor, rustic elegance can bring a classy feel to an outdoor celebration by using the right accessories…

So today we’re aiming to recreate the magical reception below… the finished product. It looks daunting, the blending of such different ideas… the wood beams, chandeliers, beautiful chairs and pewter detailing but it is shockingly easy to put together! There are some amazing steals all over the internet for savvy budget shoppers… today I “stopped by” One Kings Lane, an amazing home decor website, perfect for finding wedding accessories like the trays and beaded chandelier below! Pair that with fun heels that scream rustic elegance (I love these Jimmy Choo’s) and a simple, pale bridesmaids dress (this one is Cynthia Rowley)… The final touch is this incredible vintage pewter vase which (paired with a few similar styles) can serve as a lovely backdrop like the ones at this reception sitting on the mantel (below)…

So if you’re torn between the outdoors and a fancy ballroom reception… rustic elegance should seem not only easy to recreate for your own wedding but also budget friendly if you’re scouring for the right (price-friendly) pieces!

Credits: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, One Kings Lane, Jimmy Choo (Saks Fifth Avenue)WMF Maiden Vase, Ballyhoo Design on One Kings Lane

Destination Lake Como

Lake Como… nestled just east of the small city Swiss city of Lugano, and possibly most well known for it’s famous homeowner, George Clooney, Lake Como is so much more than just a few towns scattered along the lake. The beauty, the peacefulness and the romance of this special place is hard to escape while cruising down the river, or strolling the promenade in Bellagio, the little town known as “the pearl of the lake”. But for all it’s worth, Lake Como really can’t be only described in these pictures (and destination wedding ideas), but it’s best to see it for yourself to really believe how magical it is.

So…dreaming of a Lake Como wedding? I hope so!! Given the overall tranquility of lake, it feels only right to keep the colors and overall choices neutral and soothing. I love this Ivy & Astor gown; for a bridal gown choice, it is perfect for a wedding here! The fabric and the flow of the dress are both so natural and the simple lines leave the intricate details to your surroundings. I love the idea of a neutral bridesmaids dress too.. like the one below, keeping with the theme of soft colors. These whimsical heels (below) and vintage inspired hair comb are simple accessories to dazzle your wedding.. And for this destination, not to be overlooked is the venue and overall scenery! Your photos will be near perfection without even trying with the backdrop of the hills and forest on the lake, and houses spotted here and there. As for the venue, for pure wow-factor, how about the Villa Balbianello (first photo), or for a bigger crowd, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo (also below). With just a bit of planning, not much could possibly go wrong for a destination wedding location as incredible as Lake Como…


Credits:  My own photo of la Villa Balbianello, Etsy, My own photo of Lake Como, The Dress Shop, Ivy & Aster – Anemone, My own photo of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, My own photo of Bellagio, Singing is Deceiving, My own photo of Lake Como, Italy

Back to the Basics – For an Old Fashioned Wedding

We (you, me, everyone) seem to forget in our tech-friendly, app obsessed, 21st century life, how lovely and charming the old world approach to things (life, love, weddings, etc) was and can still be. Instead of boats we take planes, instead of paper we use computers, instead of meeting our husbands and wives “organically”, we meet online, and instead of traditional weddings, we are wrapped up in the next best thing… because we are all living in a very modern world.

Okay fine, I know I’m not out to convert all of the modernists back to our traditional roots, but I do want to prove that there is plenty of beauty in an “Old Fashioned” wedding filled with charm, glamour, and grace. If you’ve stopped reading please don’t! I promise that even the most modern of us all can find ways to incorporate the past into our weddings (even though today I’m proposing any entirely back to the basics, old fashioned wedding approach and lots of inspiration!)

So as always, I like to begin with the bridal gown! This Ian Stuart gown (below) is impeccable. The detailing of the skirt, the choice color (ivy, not white), and most especially the separate jacket with a corset that hugs the waist, make this dress the perfect choice for a very traditional wedding. But there are plenty of ideas that aren’t just about the fashion. Try making fun place cards for your guests using vintage keys like the ones below… For the reception, throw in vintage rented furniture to fill an empty reception hall (see below) like this 18th century inspired sofa canape upholstered with blue and silver silk lampas. For the bride, accent your modern hairstyle with a very vintage brooch (below) and a pair of vintage shoes – I am OBSESSED with these Vintage Di Scarla of Italy heels from Etsy! And finally for your color palette, pick accents like cream and mauve which can be used perfectly in all of the floral centerpieces and bouquets (I LOVE the bouquet below). These colors are so muted that you can add the loud touches like an intricate wedding dress and vintage furniture which nicely balances those creams, taupes, and mauves to create that “old fashioned” look we are going for…


Credits: Met Museum, Ian Stuart – BellevueStyle Me Pretty, All the Rest, The Wedding Chicks, Etsy, Etsy

For the Hat Lover

The wedding hat… I should stop my writing here and let the pictures do the talking…

But how can I resist a bit of commentary on a subject that I have been desperately wanting to write post after post about! Really though, I am dying over wedding hats! I talk a lot about wedding accessories and how important it is to find the little ways to accessorize the big day, but the hat is the ultimate in accessories! Not only is it clothing, but it is fashion AND art! Think back a year to some of the hats made famous after the royal wedding; they are fine pieces of art and I can think of no better way to express yourself at a wedding (as the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride or a guest) with the perfect hat.

So today, since I couldn’t post 100 hats, I wanted to emphasize more of the “mainstream” hat instead of the artsier pieces (that I am equally obsessed with). So for the more faint of heart, don’t worry there will be no Princess Eugenie or Beatrice creations today (but they will be coming soon!) Enjoy these elegant and more traditional selections for now…

Credits:  Pinterest, PinterestPhilip Treacy, EtsyMaggie Mae, Beauty Cent, Kiss the Groom, Emily WeddingsGina FosterLove Hats,

The Bride’s Best Friend

I find myself talking a lot about wedding accessories and finding creative ways to incorporate the little things into your big day. So today is the ultimate in accessorizing! What could be better than bringing an accessory to life with your dog!

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but on your wedding day, a dog can be the bride’s best friend too – especially when it comes to the pictures. Your dog does not need to be the ring bearer, or even present at the reception, but you can find creative ways to incorporate him (or her) easily and unforgettably! These pictures say a lot about what a special role your dog can play on your wedding day, just look at how perfect they all are! This just proves that dogs really can serve as the perfect (living) wedding accessory and of course best friend!


Credits:  Jay Eads Photography, The Knotty Bride, Every Last DetailJonas Peterson, Pinterest, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Anne Designs