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The Bolero, Jacket, & Capelet

As much as I love the ultimate winter bridal look (the fur shrug), it’s always fun to explore the other luxuries of the winter bridal fashion world… like what? Well every Christmas bride needs a trendy cover-up so I suggest looking beyond the shrug to the jacket, bolero or capelet!

If you haven’t come across any of these fun bridal cover-up alternatives but are looking for the perfect piece somewhere between capped sleeves and that classic shrug, then we have some fun looks for you!

First up… the jacket.  What I love about our jacket pick (first photo below) is how it literally looks like it’s part of the wedding dress (and it’s not!)  By Sophia Tolli, the sheer lace and long sleeves makes this little jacket light and airy but elegant for brides who want that touch of lace but not the whole dress.  Moving onto the bolero…  I am in love with these two (second and third photos below) by Maria Lucia Hohan and Benjamin Roberts!  Both have some type of sleeve wow factor and should be paired with a simple dress where they can shine!  Like our light jacket pick these are perfect to accessorize for the indoors and not just for your chilly outdoor winter photos! And finally, the elusive capelet. You may or may not have heard of it but I assure you, now you will love it! My favorite Christmas capelet choices (fourth and fifth photos below) are fashion forward but incredibly elegant both with completely unique lace patterns but the very typical “capelet” length (literally a short cape). My favorite thing about this type of winter cover-up is that it’s not what we’re used to seeing which makes it so special…and these two certainly do not disappoint!

So that’s it, the Christmas cover-ups that we love for the winter bride! There are so many amazing choices that are fun, trendy, and cozy for the chilly months so if you haven’t already, ditch the shrug and find yourself a jacket, bolero or capelet!


Credits: Sophia Tolli via At Bridal, Maria Lucia Hohan, Benjamin Roberts via Bye Bye Bride, Oh La La – Miss Cherie, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

A Touch of Chandelier

The chandelier is perhaps the most well known and most overused home decoration BUT that doesn’t mean it should only be used as home decor because the chandelier is one of my favorite wedding accessories and one that absolutely no wedding should be without…

It makes no difference whether your reception location already has the most gorgeous chandelier or whether you install your fixture onto a hanging tree branch, but whatever method you choose, make sure that the chandelier (the right chandelier) is part of your big day! So what is the right chandelier? Well, I’m not thinking foyer decor, I’m thinking the right piece for your wedding.. so whether that’s a bold and elegant design that is the centerpiece of your reception, a series of small pieces dotting your outside decor, or (as I may have already mentioned) a chandelier hanging from the random tree branch, there are many options! Brides-to-be… chose wisely when adding the chandelier but keep in mind that they almost always work! If your wedding is inside and stately, choose a stately piece; if your wedding is funky and cool; choose something with an artsy vibe; if your wedding is ultra-modern pick a chandelier of the future! The point is that a chandelier should not be neglected in the wedding planning process and there is plenty of room at every reception for the perfect chandelier touch!


Credits: Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Daily Dose of StufEtsyZsa Zsa Bellagio, Style Me Pretty

Vintage Details

Weddings are all about the details from the lighting to the place cards; the music selection to the appetizers. But sometimes the details can become fragmented when you’re trying to pull together so many different elements into one very short day. One way to avoid a big, disjointed wedding day is to stick with a specific theme and colors that all help add to the day instead of leaving guests wondering what kind of a wedding they had just been to…

These days, all things vintage seem to be on the forefront of high fashion and lifestyle choices with everything from clothes to homes to weddings. So today it’s all about the vintage details! We’re not talking an entire vintage reception (we aren’t suggesting a complete throwback), instead you can give your wedding the vintage feel by adding some simple (and some very budget friendly, do-it-yourself) accessories. Like what? It’s all about the little things when we talk details, so just a few suggestions in pictures… starting with some fun vintage save-the-dates and invitations, your engagement ring (yes that will be “at” the wedding too!), using old books as centerpieces and old suitcases for guests to drop off their gift envelopes or even to store your vintage place cards, or how about leaving your guests with these adorable macaroon favors in a very vintage “vase”… still not convinced? Trust me, you will be once you add these little details to the big day and tie all of your wedding decisions and decor together!




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Budget Buster: Earrings Under…

….$125! That’s it! That means I’ve found you some of the best bridal accessories for your wedding! Although some things I happen across tip the budget scale, in general I like to stick with trendy and upscale quality but a budget friendly price tag! So like many brides-to-be, if you are trying to keep your wedding on a budget, then you can’t quite splurge on the diamonds you’ve been wanting since you were a little girl…

So as an alternative, these Adriana Orsini exclusively for Saks sparklers can bring the wedding glam that you are looking for at a relatively small price tag. There are many more to chose from at Saks (and on their website) but these are a few of my favorites. Earrings are such a great and unobtrusive way for a bride to accessorize but they can make such an impression if you pick the right size and shape. I love big earrings for the bride that will “pop” because after all, your guests won’t be within personal bubble radius for the whole wedding… so with these you can have it all.. a little sparkle, a lot of glam, and a tiny budget! Did I mention I love this collection??


Credits:  Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

The Wedding Palette – An Ode to Magenta

You can go on and on reminding me how tangerine is the “color of the season” but that is exactly why I’m loving magenta for summer weddings this year! When something is “out of style” it makes it so much more appealing and fun to work with… when everyone is wearing the same bridesmaids dress and using the similar flower arrangements, you’re making waves with a little use of an old favorite… magenta!

Since magenta is so… bright, try not to have every single thing at your wedding in some form magenta.. your guests will be scared away! Instead, it should be used as an accent color in combination with other colors and patterns. I love this table setting to blend different colors! Although these colors are all bright, they work perfectly together and open the door for a multi-color palette instead of being stuck with just magenta. Also talking reception… the bright sofa below is so perfect to add at the entrance of a reception as a statement piece that can tie your palette together. On the fashion front, these sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes are a fun accessory for the bride (hidden under the gown), and a magenta bridesmaids dress is a must – I love this Lazaro Spring 2012 dress.. especially the back! And finally, with a pink dress and pink centerpieces, the bouquets should match.. these peonies are a fun way to sprinkle magenta throughout your big day without being too overwhelming!


Credits:  The Lennoxx, Christian Louboutin courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue – front and back, Pinterest, Lazaro Magenta Spring 2012 – Style LZ3023, Lazaro Magenta Spring 2012 – Style LZ3023 Back, Wedding Bee