Shades of Blue {Wedding Shoes}

Well not to be to cliché here but yesterday I was feeling a little {blue}…it’s something about Monday’s I suppose.. But today I’m turning all that into some productivity and funneling all the sad, blue beginning of the week energy into some fabulous shoes! Far and away my favorite something blue item is the wedding shoe. You absolutely cannot go wrong here. And today just goes to show how fun the blue wedding shoe is. I’m a sucker for Christian Louboutin, but blue wedding shoes don’t need to mean expensive. You can get creative or you can make this a splurge. But the reason it always works is that fun mix of tradition and your own personality. Somehow a good pair of shoes always makes me smile… and hopefully gets us all through the week!


Credits: Wedding Style Magazine via Geoff White Photography, Pinterest via The Cherry Blossom Girl, Style Me Pretty via The Nichols, Style Me Pretty via Anne Robert Photography, Pinterest via Santa Barbara Chic

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