Off the Beaten Path: The Unique Wedding Dessert

Out with the macarons, cupcakes and s’mores and in with the new class of “unique” wedding desserts… Ice cream sandwiches & floats, churros, pie and cake pops. These represent the new class of cool wedding treats (at least in my opinion) because those cupcakes were popular what, like 5 years ago now?

Obviously I’m biased to the ice cream sandwich here because once you find one amazing DIY recipe it’s just not enough. So… I included three. They say variety is the spice of life, don’t you know. Check out these amazing recipes from Good Things Grow (first photo), Smells Like Home (second photo) & Julia’s Room for Dessert (third photo).

But aside from the sandwich, there is also the fabulous float (forth photo), the very very delicious churros… think we hit the jackpot with these from Mowielicious (fifth photo), the traditionally rustic pie – please the pie is so much more than Thanksgiving (sixth & seventh photos), and…. the cake pop (eighth photo). The what? The cake pop!!

Here’s to the new “unique” on the dessert wedding front!



Credits: Good Things Grow, Smells Like Home, Julia’s Room for Dessert, This Rawsome Vegan Life via Pinterest, Mowielicious, All Things Jolie via Pinterest, Dixie Pixel Photography via Style Me Pretty, Pinterest

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