New Moroccan Wedding Inspiration

Some of the most memorable wedding palettes come when you combine the right colors with the right themes and for a bold and modern option for our trendy brides-to-be, I can’t get over how “cool” a new Moroccan theme is. So what is new Moroccan? Well, it’s not the traditional patterns and more muted reds, oranges and blues that you think about. It’s a stronger color choice with less patterns. Lots of solid oranges, magentas, reds and purples make up this palette and mix with classic Moroccan pieces (vibrant pillows, sheer draping, traditional lanterns, outdoor tents and low seating) creating a very distinct theme but keeping it modern and stylish all at once…


Credits: Pinterest, Marzime, The KnotInspired By This, Inspired By This, Style Unveiled, Inspired By ThisOlofson Design, Mindy Weiss, My own photo

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